The Meaning of 3 Soundtracks from The Atypical Family: The Beauty of Falling in Love

The Atypical Family uses its soundtracks to beautifully portray the emotional love story between Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae. Learn about the meaning behind these songs.
The Meaning Of 3 Soundtracks From The Atypical Family: The Beauty Of Falling In Love

The Atypical Family just finished its final episode on Sunday (9/6/2024). The story of Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong) and Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) has captivated audiences with its twists and turns, and the soundtrack has played a significant role in highlighting their emotional journey. Here, we explore the meanings of three key soundtracks that beautifully capture the essence of falling in love.

1. Walking With You – So Soo Bin

Walking With You Walking With You, The Atypical Family drama soundtrack ( Music Korea)

Walking With You is the first soundtrack in the drama. The lyrics, “더 초라한 날 끝내 들킬까봐 늘 두려웠었어 (I’m always afraid, my sad days will be revealed),” reflect the initial discomfort and unease in the relationship between Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae. Their relationship starts with tension, as Do Da Hae approaches Bok Gwi Ju because of his past as a con artist, while Bok Gwi Ju is haunted by his unresolved past.

Both characters are burdened with personal problems. However, Bok Gwi Ju discovers that he can go back to the past when he is happy, leading to a significant turning point when he realizes Do Da Hae shares the same color as him. This revelation allows him to touch her, bringing them closer together. Despite their initial denial, they gradually fall in love, navigating through their struggles.

In my opinion, Walking With You perfectly encapsulates the cautious yet hopeful beginning of their relationship. It sets the tone for their journey from distrust to a deep emotional connection, showing that love often begins in unexpected and challenging circumstances.

2. I See You – Lee Sora

I See You I See You, soundtrack for the drama The Atypical Family ( Music Korea)

I See You features a bossa nova style blended with electronic music, symbolizing the inner feelings of Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae. The song uses rain as a metaphor for Do Da Hae, who brings life and color to Bok Gwi Ju’s arid heart.

Bok Gwi Ju, who had been drowning in regret for not saving his wife from an accident, begins to accept his past and opens up to Do Da Hae. He tries various ways to win her heart, even when they face separation. The song highlights the irresistible pull between them, leading to their eventual reunion.

This track beautifully illustrates how Do Da Hae’s presence helps Bok Gwi Ju heal and grow. In my view, I See You captures the transformative power of love, where acceptance and understanding replace past traumas, leading to a stronger bond.

3. Laputa – Lee Seung Yeol

Laputa Laputa, The Atypical Family drama soundtrack ( Music Korea)

Laputa, as the title suggests, portrays the dream world envisioned by Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae. The song signifies Bok Gwi Ju’s transformation from a cold, distant person to a loving and attentive family man, driven by his love for Do Da Hae.

Do Da Hae heals Bok Gwi Ju’s past wounds, making him a happier and more caring individual. In return, Bok Gwi Ju aims to heal Do Da Hae’s past traumas, creating a dream world free from fear and full of happiness. This mutual healing and support is what makes their love story truly special.

In my perspective, Laputa symbolizes the ultimate goal of any relationship: to create a shared dream where both partners feel safe, loved, and understood. It’s a beautiful reminder that true love involves mutual growth and healing.

These three soundtracks eloquently narrate the love journey of Bok Gwi Ju and Do Da Hae, filled with both tears and joy. They highlight the beauty and complexity of falling in love, making The Atypical Family a memorable drama. What do you think about the soundtracks of The Atypical Family?

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