The Heir to the Throne: Why Are Qiu Zhibin and Qiqi Together?

In The Heir to the Throne, Qiu Zhibin and Qiqi's relationship is tested by business ambitions and personal integrity, making for a captivating and dramatic storyline.
The Heir To The Throne: Why Are Qiu Zhibin And Qiqi Together?

In the popular TV show The Heir to the Throne, the characters’ intricate relationships and business schemes keep viewers on the edge of their seats. One of the most talked-about dynamics is between Qiu Zhibin and Qiqi. Let’s dive into why these characters are together and what drives their relationship.

A Business-Driven Connection

Qiu Zhibin’s primary motivation in approaching Qiqi is business. He targets Qiqi because of her father’s connections in the gambling world, particularly his collaboration with the South Asian gambling king to open a casino in Sentosa. Qiu Zhibin hopes to leverage this relationship to further his family’s business plans in Singapore.

Their first encounter happens in a bar, where Qiu Zhibin makes a strategic move to get Qiqi’s phone number. He candidly tells her about his family’s intention to open a new casino and seeks her father’s cooperation. Qiqi quickly realizes that Qiu Zhibin’s interest in her is purely for his business ambitions. She challenges him to come up with a concrete plan before considering him as a real boyfriend, highlighting that her approval isn’t easily won.

Episode 9: Dramatic Twists and Turns

The show’s ninth episode intensifies the drama. Several subplots intertwine, creating a web of deceit, secrets, and unexpected alliances. Qiu Zhibin’s family faces financial troubles, pushing them to pool their resources, but they still fall short. This leads to tense confrontations and desperate measures, such as cutting off credit cards and borrowing money from reluctant relatives.

Meanwhile, other characters like Aiping and Zhu Liqi are entangled in their conflicts. Aiping’s threats and eventual death cast a shadow of suspicion and fear, affecting everyone involved. Zhu Liqi, feeling the pressure, destroys evidence and faces police scrutiny, all while trying to maintain a facade of innocence.

Qiu Zhibin and Qiqi’s relationship remains a focal point amid these chaotic events. Qiu Zhibin’s determination to secure his family’s business prospects drives his actions, while Qiqi’s response to his ambitions adds depth to her character. She demands more than just empty promises, pushing Qiu Zhibin to prove his worth beyond mere words.


The Heir to the Throne captivates audiences with its complex characters and intricate plots. Qiu Zhibin and Qiqi’s relationship, rooted in business but tested by personal integrity and ambition, exemplifies the show’s ability to weave together personal and professional stakes. As their story unfolds, viewers are left wondering whether their connection will evolve into something genuine or remain a calculated alliance. This blend of drama and strategy keeps fans eagerly anticipating each new episode.

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