The Heartbreaking Misfortunes of Seo Do Yoon in Red Swan

Seo Do Yoon's journey in Red Swan is marked by heartbreak and relentless pursuit of justice.
The Heartbreaking Misfortunes Of Seo Do Yoon In Red Swan

Seo Do Yoon, played by Rain, is the main character in the Korean drama Red Swan. Once a police officer and martial arts expert, he now works as a bodyguard for Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), driven by the need for revenge over his friend’s death. Despite his strength and skills, Seo Do Yoon’s life is marred by a series of heart-wrenching misfortunes. Let’s dive into the three major tragedies that shape his journey in Red Swan.

1. Overwhelming Guilt Over His Friend’s Death

Seo Do Yoon Holding Guilt

Rain In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan)

Seo Do Yoon carries an immense burden of guilt over the death of his best friend, Shin Ju Hyuk (Sung Hyuk). This tragedy occurs when Seo arrives too late to save Ju Hyuk from a fatal confrontation with a mysterious attacker. Ju Hyuk had earlier donated a kidney to Seo, making the loss even more devastating. This unfulfilled promise to protect his friend haunts Seo and drives his every action.

To atone for his guilt, Seo embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the identity of Ju Hyuk’s killer. He quits his police job and isolates himself abroad, facing numerous dangers in his investigation. Despite his efforts, Seo finds little evidence, adding to his despair and sense of helplessness.

2. Enduring Physical Injuries While Protecting Others

Seo Do Yoon Injured

Rain In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

Seo Do Yoon is not just skilled but also deeply compassionate, often putting himself in harm’s way to protect others. This selflessness frequently leaves him injured. In the first episode, he sustains a severe arm injury while saving Oh Wan Soo from a shooting incident in the Philippines. Instead of seeking medical help, he treats his wounds himself, a testament to his resilience and dedication.

As the series progresses, Seo continues to face physical harm in his quest for revenge. His commitment to justice and protection of others places him in constant danger, underscoring his role as a tragic hero.

3. Entanglement with a Toxic Conglomerate Family

Seo Do Yoon With Toxic Family

Rain In Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan) 

Seo Do Yoon’s investigation into Shin Ju Hyuk’s death leads him to the Hwain Group, a powerful conglomerate with many dark secrets. The family, particularly its leader, is involved in corrupt activities, including bribery and possibly even murder. To uncover the truth, Seo takes a job as a bodyguard for Oh Wan Soo, who is connected to the Hwain family.

The deeper Seo delves into the family’s secrets, the more danger he faces. The toxic environment of the Hwain family poses significant threats to Seo’s safety and his mission to seek justice for his friend’s death. This entanglement not only complicates his investigation but also puts his life at greater risk.

Even though these are just glimpses into Seo Do Yoon’s backstory in Red Swan, it is clear that he endures many misfortunes. What other tragic stories will he face? And can he achieve a happy ending and uncover the mystery behind his best friend’s death? Keep watching this captivating Korean drama, airing every Wednesday, to find out!

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