The Happy Ending of Frankly Speaking: Where Are They Now?

Frankly Speaking ends on a high note with each character finding joy and fulfillment. From career shifts to rekindled love, see where they all land in this heartwarming conclusion.
The Happy Ending Of Frankly Speaking: Where Are They Now?

Frankly Speaking has concluded its 12-episode run, taking viewers on an emotional rollercoaster with its captivating storyline. The series revolves around news anchor Song Ki Baek (Ko Kyung Po), who suffers from a rare condition after being electrocuted during On Woo Joo’s (Kang Han Na) show. The two characters are bound by fate, experiencing a slew of misfortunes that affect their careers, families, and romantic lives. But how did it all end for our beloved characters? Let’s dive into the final fates of nine key figures from Frankly Speaking.

Song Ki Baek: Back in the Spotlight

Song Ki Baek

One of the most anticipated outcomes was for Song Ki Baek. Despite his struggles with disinhibition caused by his accident, Ki Baek managed to reclaim his position as a news anchor. However, this time he is hosting a more relaxed show, allowing him to thrive without the intense pressure he previously faced. This shift not only revitalized his career but also helped him find a balance between work and personal life.

On Woo Joo: From Fired to Inspired

On Woo Joo

On Woo Joo’s journey was nothing short of inspiring. After being fired from the Couple Paradise production crew, Woo Joo didn’t let this setback deter her. Instead, she channeled her creativity into a new project called ‘Laundry Therapy.’ This innovative show, which combines the therapeutic aspects of laundry with personal storytelling, quickly gained popularity, marking Woo Joo’s triumphant return to the industry.

Kim Jeong Heon: A Star Reborn

Kim Jeong Heon

Kim Jeong Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk) had fans cheering when he made a comeback after his hiatus. His popularity didn’t wane; in fact, he was cast in a new show on his very first day back in Korea. Jeong Heon’s resilience and talent shone through, proving that a true star can always reclaim the spotlight.

Song Un Baek and Chae Yeon: Love Triumphs

Song Un Baek And Chae Yeon

The romantic subplot between Song Un Baek (Hwang Sung Bin) and Chae Yeon (Kim Sae Byuk) faced numerous obstacles, primarily due to disapproval from Gu Won (Park Jae Jon). However, love triumphed in the end, with Gu Won finally giving his blessing to their relationship. This heartwarming resolution was a highlight for many fans, showcasing the power of love and acceptance.

Yoon Jin Hu: Mukbang Success

Yoon Jin Hu

Yoon Jin Hu (Ko Kyu Pil) transformed his passion for healthy eating into a successful mukbang YouTube channel. With 1 million followers, Jin Hu’s channel became a hit, turning his love for food into a lucrative career. His journey from uncertainty to online fame is a testament to following one’s passion.

Song Poong Baek: A New Path

Song Poong Baek

Song Poong Baek (Lee Jin Hyuk) found himself unemployed at one point, but he didn’t stay down for long. Embracing a new opportunity, Poong Baek now works as a delivery courier. His willingness to adapt and take on new challenges is inspiring, demonstrating that there are always new paths to success.

Song In Soo: Martial Arts Mentor

Song In Soo

Ki Baek’s father, Song In Soo (Shin Ju Keun), used his martial arts talents to become a boxing teacher at Un Baek’s gym. This new role not only allowed him to stay active but also to mentor others, making a positive impact on his community.

Na Yoo Jung: Golden Years

Na Yoo Jung

Na Yoo Jung (Kang Ae Shim), Ki Baek’s mother, recovered from her accident and found joy in her golden years by joining a singing class. Her recovery and pursuit of new interests underscore the importance of resilience and the joy of lifelong learning.

On Woo Joo’s Team: Reunited and Revitalized

On Woo Joo'S Team

The divided writing team of On Woo Joo came back together to work on a new variety show. Their reunion symbolizes the power of teamwork and the importance of collaboration in achieving creative success.

Frankly Speaking wrapped up with each character finding happiness and fulfillment in their own unique ways. The series beautifully illustrated that despite the twists and turns of life, everyone has the potential to find their own version of a happy ending.

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