The Final Fate of the 7 Main Characters in the Ending of Missing Crown Prince

Read about the dramatic final fates of the main characters in Missing Crown Prince. From tragic losses to new beginnings, see how their stories concluded.
The Final Fate Of The 7 Main Characters In The Ending Of Missing Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince ended last Sunday (June 16, 2024), wrapping up the series with an ending that left many viewers satisfied. Both the antagonists faced their due justice, and the protagonists found their happiness. If you’re curious about the fates of the main characters in the drama’s finale, read on for a detailed summary. And remember, spoilers ahead!

Yoon Yi Gyeom’s (Cha Kwang Soo) Fate

Yoon Yi Gyeom and his rebel camp were finally apprehended. They faced various severe punishments, including imprisonment, the death penalty, and even exile. Yi Gyeom’s downfall was inevitable due to his relentless rebellion against the throne. The conclusion of his arc underscores the drama’s message that justice, although delayed, is eventually served.

Yoon Yi Gyeom'S Fate


Tragic Endings: Choi Sang Rok and Min Soo Ryeon

Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun) met a heroic yet tragic end. He was killed while saving the queen mother from a rebel attack in the palace. His sacrifice highlighted his loyalty and bravery, making his death one of the most poignant moments in the series.

Choi Sang Rok'S Fate


Min Soo Ryeon (Myung Se Bin), who was pregnant with Sang Rok’s child, faced an equally tragic fate. She died during childbirth, leaving their newborn to be cared for by Yi Gun. This sorrowful twist added depth to the storyline, showcasing the fragility of life amidst political turmoil.

Min Soo Ryeon'S Fate


Yi Gun’s New Path

Yi Gun (EXO’s Suho) made a surprising decision after the rebellion was quelled. He chose to abdicate the throne, leaving the palace behind. This move demonstrated his desire for a peaceful life away from the political machinations that had plagued his reign.

Yi Gun'S Fate


Choi Myeong Yoon’s Happy Ending

Choi Myeong Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) found her happiness by marrying Yi Gun and having a child. She also achieved professional success as a healer at the Baekgu Clinic, which she managed. Her storyline wrapped up with a satisfying conclusion, reflecting themes of healing and new beginnings.

Choi Myeong Yoon'S Fate


Dosung’s Ascension to the Throne

Dosung (Kim Min Kyu) accepted his older brother Yi Gun’s request to take the throne in his place. As the new King of Joseon, Dosung’s storyline exemplifies the continuation of leadership and the responsibilities that come with it.

Dosung'S Fate


King Haejong and Queen Yoon’s Retirement

King Haejong (Jeon Jin Oh) and Queen Yoon (Yoo Se Rye) chose to retire from royal duties, opting for a comfortable life outside the palace. Their peaceful retirement served as a fitting end to their characters, who had endured much throughout the series.

King Haejong And Queen Yoon'S Fate



Missing Crown Prince delivered a compelling narrative across its 20 episodes. The intricate conflicts within the royal family and the rebels’ disruption were resolved in a manner that left no plot holes. What are your thoughts on the characters’ endings? Did they get the justice they deserved? Let us know in the comments!

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