The Ending of Xu Chengfeng and Shen Danqing in Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire

In Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire, Xu Chengfeng defeats Prince Yi and marries Shen Danqing, marking a triumphant end filled with justice and love.
The Ending Of Xu Chengfeng And Shen Danqing In Lady Revenger Returns From The Fire

In Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire, the story of Xu Chengfeng and Shen Danqing concludes on a high note, filled with action, drama, and a happy ending. Xu Chengfeng, after deceiving his enemies and capturing the villain Prince Yi, finally finds happiness with Shen Danqing.

The Final Battle and Reunion

Lady Revenger Returns From The Fire

Xu Chengfeng’s journey to happiness wasn’t easy. He had to chase down the fleeing Prince Yi, culminating in a fierce battle where Xu Chengfeng ultimately killed Prince Yi and retrieved a valuable treasure map. After this intense confrontation, Xu Chengfeng reunited with Shen Danqing. He recounted his harrowing experiences, including his imprisonment and the cunning plan he devised with Elder Ge to fake his death. This strategy was necessary to draw out Prince Yi’s weaknesses and ensure justice.

Thanks to Doctor Miao’s elixir, Xu Chengfeng survived a potent poison from Zong Wei. Though unconscious for several days, Xu Chengfeng eventually recovered, much to Shen Danqing’s relief. The couple thanked the heavens for their reunion, and Shen Danqing, along with her brother Shen Zishan, paid their respects to their late friend Luo Jida. Shen Danqing decided to embrace her new identity and name, feeling it was time to start afresh. Shen Zishan fully supported her decision.

A Happy Ending

Lady Revenger Returns From The Fire

The Shen family’s fortunes improved as they regained the plaque of the Royal Escort Bureau. Shen Zishan celebrated their achievements, including Shen Danqing’s success in merging Danqing Winery and Ganlutang into the industry’s leading winery. Xu Chengfeng, after fulfilling his duties in Beijing, rushed back to Liaocheng to be with Shen Danqing. He successfully sought permission from the Holy Emperor to marry Shen Danqing, and her acceptance filled him with immense joy.

On a beautifully auspicious day, Xu Chengfeng and Shen Danqing’s wedding took place. Surrounded by friends and family, they celebrated their love and commitment to each other. Despite the challenges and thorny paths they had to navigate, their love triumphed. Shen Danqing’s journey was arduous, but in the end, she found true happiness with Xu Chengfeng, the man she loved.

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