The Emotional Depth of Suzy’s Instagram Caption for Wonderland

Suzy's emotional Instagram post for Wonderland delves into her character's feelings, offering fans a glimpse into the touching story and her dedication to the role.
The Emotional Depth Of Suzy’S Instagram Caption For Wonderland

Bae Suzy’s comeback in the new film Wonderland has captivated fans worldwide. In this heart-wrenching film, Suzy plays Jung In, a character who desperately misses his girlfriend Tae Joo, played by Park Bo Gum. Tae Joo lies in a coma following an accident, prompting Jung In to revive an AI version of her through a video call service called Wonderland. Suzy’s portrayal of this emotional journey is already stirring up anticipation among viewers.

Suzy And Park Bo Gum In Wonderland Footage of Suzy and Park Bo Gum in the film Wonderland (

Suzy’s Heartfelt Instagram Post

Before Wonderland hit the screens, Suzy drew attention with a series of Instagram posts featuring Park Bo Gum. However, it was her lengthy caption about Tae Joo’s character that truly stole the spotlight. Posted on May 27, 2024, Suzy’s caption is written from Jung In’s perspective, shedding light on his deep affection for Tae Joo.

Suzy'S Story Behind Her Long Caption On Ig For Wonderland Excerpt from Suzy’s Instagram post (

In her caption, Suzy describes Tae Joo as a handsome and innocent soul with a charming demeanor even when angry. She humorously notes how Tae Joo’s anger over trivial matters, like spilling food, is contrasted by his calmness during significant issues. This blend of light-hearted and profound reflections creates a vivid picture of their relationship.

Suzy further delves into Tae Joo’s comforting presence, likening him to a huge teddy bear she would hug to sleep peacefully. She poignantly expresses the sorrow of not being able to embrace him after the accident, highlighting her struggle with insomnia and the cold, empty feeling of hugging someone no longer alive.

The caption also touches on Tae Joo’s diligence and how his presence influenced Jung In to become more reckless, relying on Tae Joo to handle everything. Despite the challenges and differences in their interests, such as Tae Joo’s love for space, Suzy’s character found joy and comfort in these quirks, missing him dearly as she visited him in the hospital.

Suzy’s Insight into Jung In’s Character

Suzy revealed in an interview on June 4, 2024, that she wrote the lengthy Instagram caption to explore and understand Jung In’s feelings deeply. She aimed to fill in the emotional gaps left by the script, imagining the reasons behind Jung In’s decision to sign up for the Wonderland service, usually reserved for bringing back deceased loved ones.

“I wrote the text based on the script to immerse myself in Jung In’s character. I thought their relationship (Jung In and Tae Joo) would be like this, and I also wanted to understand why Jung In signed up for Wonderland, so I imagined that and wrote it. I also showed it to the director. I asked, ‘What do you think about filling in the blanks that aren’t in the script?’ The director also said it was very good,” Suzy shared.

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A Scene Left Unseen

Interestingly, Suzy’s heartfelt writing was initially filmed as part of an interview scene, intended to deepen the audience’s connection to Jung In’s emotional state. However, this scene did not make it to the final cut of Wonderland. Despite this, Suzy expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with Park Bo Gum and immerse herself further into the characters through this creative process.

“The director asked if we could shoot this scene, so we filmed it in an interview format. However, the scene didn’t appear in the film. As the process accumulated, I worked closely with Bo Gum Oppa. I’m grateful to be able to immerse myself in the characters further with this writing. I thank everyone who appreciates our chemistry,” Suzy explained.

Suzy’s deep dive into Jung In’s psyche through her writing is truly touching. It adds layers to her character, making the anticipation for Wonderland even more intense. The film premiered in South Korean cinemas on June 5, and fans are eagerly awaiting its international release.

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