The Dramatic Ending of Uncle Samsik Explained: Was Kim San Accused of a Coup?

Delve into the dramatic conclusion of Uncle Samsik. Did Kim San carry out a coup, or is there more to the story?
The Dramatic Ending Of Uncle Samsik Explained: Was Kim San Accused Of A Coup?

Uncle Samsik (2024) has captured audiences with its intricate plot and historical setting. The compelling performances by Song Kang Ho and Byun Yoo Han add to the drama’s allure. Set during the tumultuous times of South Korean independence, many viewers predicted a tragic conclusion. Did the show meet these expectations? Let’s dive into the details!

Note: This article contains spoilers!

Kang Seong Min’s Tragic Demise During the Riots

Kang Seong Min'S Tragic Demise

Still Cut Of Korean Drama Uncle Samsik (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

Kang Seong Min, portrayed by Lee Kyoo Hyung, remains a central character in the narrative. Despite securing his cabinet position with the help of Samsik (Song Kang Ho), Seong Min faces significant threats from An Min Chul (Ryu Joo Han), the ambitious son of An Yo Sub (Joo Jin Mo). To maintain their power, Seong Min and Samsik orchestrate an explosion that eliminates An Min Chul.

However, their actions are not without consequences. An Yo Sub and his younger son, An Ki Chul (Oh Seung Hoon), uncover the truth. As tensions rise, Cha Tae Min (Ji Hyun Joon), leader of the Sineui Alliance, seeks revenge on Seong Min. During a violent riot, Tae Min attempts to assassinate Seong Min, a plot indirectly supported by An Ki Chul.

An Ki Chul’s Cunning Betrayal

An Ki Chul'S Cunning Betrayal

Still Cut Of Korean Drama Uncle Samsik (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik 

In this drama, Uncle Samsik is depicted as a strategic mastermind, confident in his ability to elevate Kim San (Byun Yo Han) to a ministerial position. However, An Ki Chul’s betrayal disrupts Samsik’s meticulously crafted plans.

An Ki Chul executes a coup against President Rhee Seung Min (Kim Ik Tae), a move originally planned by Samsik. Claiming to have been aware of Samsik’s intentions from the beginning, An Ki Chul manipulates events to his advantage, even orchestrating the relationship between Rachael Jeong (Tiffany Young) and Kim San.

A Journey Through Time: Episodes 1 to 15

A Journey Through Time: Episodes 1 To 15

Still Cut Of Korean Drama Uncle Samsik (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

Uncle Samsik employs a non-linear narrative, shifting between past and present. The first 15 episodes predominantly explore the past, detailing the events leading up to the planned coup.

Episode 16, however, transitions to the future, where Samsik, Kim San, and Jeong Han Min (Seo Hyun Woo) are interrogated. This episode offers a glimpse into the future while revisiting the pivotal moments that shaped the characters’ fates.

The Ambiguous Fate of Samsik

The Ambiguous Fate Of Samsik

Still Cut Of Korean Drama Uncle Samsik (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik) 

As the Revolutionary Army carries out the coup, they detain Samsik, Kim San, and Jeong Han Min. Jeong Han Min is executed first, and Samsik follows, walking to the execution site. The scene then shifts to Kim San in a car, followed by the sound of a gunshot.

This moment leaves viewers speculating: Was Samsik truly executed, or did he survive? Jang Doo Sik (Yoo Jae Myung) had reassured Kim San not to worry, and Samsik’s death is not explicitly shown. The ambiguity invites various interpretations, keeping audiences on edge.

Kim San’s Rise to Power in 1968

Kim San'S Rise To Power In 1968

Still Cut Of Korean Drama Uncle Samsik (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Uncle Samsik)

Eight years later, in 1968, Kim San finally achieves his goal of becoming a minister, thanks to An Ki Chul’s support. Despite the political turmoil, Kim San maintains connections with Rachael Jeong and the Albright Foundation, though his relationship with Choo Yeo Jin (Jin Ki Joo) ends.

Samsik’s fate remains uncertain, with only a monologue snippet suggesting he might be part of Kim San’s memories. The series concludes on an open-ended note, prompting viewers to question whether Samsik was truly executed.

Uncle Samsik presents an intricate tale of power, betrayal, and survival, leaving audiences to ponder the ultimate fate of its characters. Do you think Samsik survived, or was he executed by the Revolutionary Army? Share your theories in the comments below!

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