The Drama Behind the Drama: 8 Chinese Actresses and Their Diva Moments

From Zhou Ye's icy stares to Wu Jinyan's diva demands, uncover the controversies that put these eight Chinese drama actresses in the spotlight.
The Drama Behind The Drama: 8 Chinese Actresses And Their Diva Moments

Recently, the controversy surrounding actress Zhou Ye has reignited discussions about diva-like behavior among young Chinese drama actresses. This issue also brings back memories of actress Wu Jinyan, who faced similar accusations a few years ago. Interestingly, Mysterious Rain featured another actress, Li Meng, whose alleged diva antics severely impacted her career. Here, we look at eight Chinese drama actresses who have been embroiled in diva controversies.

Zhou Ye’s Diva Controversy

Zhou Ye

Zhou Ye recently made headlines for her diva-like behavior at a film event. A video showed her deliberately ignoring staff from CCTV’s Movie Channel who called her name. Unlike other stars who greeted the reporters with smiles, Zhou Ye walked past with a cold expression. This incident sparked a significant backlash online, with many criticizing her for being impolite.

Zhou Ye'S Reaction

Her team tried to explain, saying that there was no clear indication that the person was from the Movie Channel, and Zhou Ye had previously been harassed by photographers. However, the Movie Channel released behind-the-scenes footage showing staff wearing clearly marked uniforms. This further fueled the controversy, with netizens accusing Zhou Ye of lacking manners. Additionally, reports surfaced about her demanding five stand-ins for a scene in Jin Yue Ru Ge, adding to her diva reputation.

Wu Jinyan’s Rise and Fall

Wu Jinyan In Story Of Yanxi Palace

Wu Jinyan became a household name with the success of Story of Yanxi Palace. However, at the peak of her fame, she faced serious diva accusations. Wu Jinyan’s team reportedly changed interview locations at the last minute, causing significant inconvenience for the China Film Report crew. They also demanded the interview team pay for the new location. The interview was eventually canceled, and the show had to air without content.

Wu Jinyan In Mysterious Rain

The incident caused a massive public outcry, and Wu Jinyan issued an apology three days later, but the damage was done. She was criticized by state media, which further tarnished her image. Following this, rumors of her traveling with a large entourage and displaying diva behavior continued to circulate, significantly affecting her popularity. Fortunately, her recent role in Mysterious Rain, produced by her mentor Yu Zheng, has helped restore some of her reputation.

Li Meng’s Troubled Career

Li Meng In Mysterious Rain

Li Meng, who played the psychotic princess in Mysterious Rain, has also been accused of diva behavior. Despite her early promise as a student at the Beijing Film Academy and her casting in White Deer Plain, her scenes were cut from the film, and she was later replaced in the TV adaptation.

Li Meng

Li Meng was notorious for clashing with the production team and rewriting her scripts without approval. Her behavior led to public criticism from producers. Even during the filming of The Hidden Corner, she insisted on finding an identical apple to replace one used in a scene, causing delays and frustration among the crew.

Zhao Lusi’s Socks Incident

Zhao Lusi

Zhao Lusi, known for her roles in The Romance of Tiger and Rose and Love Like the Galaxy, faced backlash after being seen having her assistant put on her socks on the set of Hidden God. The incident quickly went viral, with many accusing her of being inconsiderate. Given her image as the girl-next-door, this behavior shocked many fans and drew significant criticism. However, some defended her, suggesting the complexity of her costume might have necessitated assistance.

Wang Churan’s Attitude Issues

Wang Churan

Wang Churan, another young actress, faced accusations of diva behavior during the filming of Fireworks of My Heart. Netizens claimed she made derogatory remarks about an extra’s appearance, calling them “witch-like.” Additionally, she was accused of filming in restricted areas despite warnings, further damaging her public image. Wang Churan’s team has denied these allegations, but the incidents have left a mark on her reputation.

Zhou Dongyu’s VIP Snub

Zhou Dongyu

At an LV fashion event, actress Zhou Dongyu was criticized by a VIP client for refusing to take a photo and for her overall cold demeanor. This client, a significant spender for the brand, expressed her disappointment online, suggesting Zhou Dongyu was not fit to be a brand ambassador. The incident sparked debates, with some netizens supporting the actress, claiming she may have been overwhelmed by the event.

Zhou Dongyu

Yang Mi’s Phone Incident

Yang Mi

Yang Mi, a popular actress, has had several run-ins with accusations of diva behavior. During a Eternal Love press event, she was seen knocking a phone out of a staff member’s hand. The video went viral, leading to widespread criticism. Yang Mi’s indifferent attitude during a live broadcast also drew negative attention, with viewers calling her out for being rude to the host.

Han Xue’s Medical Outburst

Han Xue

Han Xue faced backlash for her outburst at a hospital. Concerned about an eye infection, she visited the emergency room, but was dissatisfied with the doctor’s diagnosis and service. She took to social media to complain, revealing the doctor’s personal details, which led to online harassment from her fans. While some supported her stance on patient care, many criticized her for abusing her celebrity status.

Han Xue

These incidents highlight the pressures and expectations faced by young actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry. While some may argue that these behaviors reflect genuine concerns or misunderstandings, they undoubtedly impact public perception and career trajectories. It’s crucial for celebrities to balance their personal needs with professional responsibilities, maintaining a positive image both on and off the screen.

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