The Conclusion of Enforcement Department – The Case of Zhang Jianguo

An emotional family reunion marks the end of Zhang Jianguo's turbulent case in Enforcement Department.
The Conclusion Of Enforcement Department – The Case Of Zhang Jianguo

In the dramatic finale of Enforcement Department, we see a heart-wrenching resolution to the complicated case of Zhang Jianguo. This TV show, filled with emotional moments and intense confrontations, leaves viewers with a deep sense of satisfaction as the characters find resolution. Let’s delve into the key events and how the characters finally reached a turning point.

The Climactic Confrontation

The episode begins with Qi Lin, the mediator, organizing a meal at Qi Runyu’s restaurant, inviting Zhang Qing and Zhang Jianguo. In an effort to mend familial bonds, Qi Lin even arranges a car to pick them up. Zhang Rui, Zhang Jianguo’s son, prepares a seafood porridge using his late mother’s recipe. Zhang Jianguo recognizes the familiar taste, bringing back cherished memories. However, Zhang Qing, still harboring resentment, becomes furious. She calls Zhang Rui out from the kitchen, demanding he cancel the enforcement and unfreeze Zhang Jianguo’s salary card, while angrily accusing their deceased mother of favoritism. Zhang Rui, unable to tolerate Zhang Qing’s arrogance, almost resorts to violence but is stopped by Qi Lin, who urges him to talk things through calmly.

A Family Torn Apart

Zhang Rui is heartbroken, not wanting to continue the conflict with his sister, especially with his wife Xiaoya about to give birth. When Zhang Jianguo learns he is going to be a grandfather, he is overwhelmed with emotion, but Zhang Qing’s anger only intensifies. In her fury, she overturns the table full of food. Zhang Jianguo tries to discipline Zhang Qing, but Qi Lin intervenes. Zhang Jianguo knows how hard Zhang Rui and his wife work and scolds Zhang Qing for her behavior. Zhang Rui, with tears in his eyes, takes Zhang Jianguo home, while Zhang Qing unleashes her anger on Qi Lin, blaming him for the failed reconciliation attempt.

Qi Lin doesn’t give up and continues to visit Zhang Qing, bringing her seafood porridge and patiently persuading her to make amends with Zhang Rui. Zhang Qing, moved by Qi Lin’s persistence and the familiar taste of the porridge, eventually agrees. She apologizes to Zhang Rui and Zhang Jianguo, leading to an emotional family reunion. Zhang Rui withdraws the enforcement at the court, and Zhang Jianguo personally thanks Qi Lin, who humbly credits his colleague Chu Yun for her role in the resolution. Chu Yun also apologizes to Zhang Jianguo for her previous neglect.

The episode concludes with Zhang Rui presenting a banner to the Enforcement Department’s Second Court in gratitude, bringing a satisfying end to the turbulent saga.

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