Taecyeon Stars as a Chef in the New Film La Grande Maison Paris

Taecyeon joins the cast of La Grande Maison Paris, portraying a talented pastry chef in a story of culinary excellence and rivalry in Paris.
Taecyeon Stars As A Chef In The New Film La Grande Maison Paris

The beloved Japanese drama La Grande Maison Tokyo, which originally aired on TBS in 2019, is making a grand comeback as a film titled La Grande Maison Paris. Fans of the original series will be thrilled to know that many of the actors from the drama are returning for the movie, promising to bring back the same magic. Additionally, 2PM’s Taecyeon has been confirmed to join the cast, adding a new layer of excitement to the film.

Synopsis Of The Japanese Film La Grande Maison Paris, 2Pm'S Taecyeon Becomes A Chef!

Synopsis and Star-Studded Cast

La Grande Maison Paris continues the culinary journey of genius chefs Obana Natsuki and Hayami Rinko, who have earned three Michelin stars in Japan. Their new venture takes them to Paris, where they aim to open a new restaurant, La Grande Maison Paris. This significant achievement marks them as the first Asians to receive three Michelin stars at a French culinary establishment.

Veteran actors Takuya Kimura and Kyoka Suzuki reprise their roles as Obana Natsuki and Hayami Rinko, respectively. The film also stars Ikki Sawamura and Mitsuhiro Oikawa, enhancing its already impressive cast list. Taecyeon will portray Rick Yuan, a Korean-Canadian pastry chef known for his frequent conflicts with the main chef, Obana Natsuki. Rick Yuan’s character is ambitious, with the skills to open his own shop and a keen interest in desserts.

This role demands Taecyeon to showcase his acting prowess by delivering dialogue in Korean, Japanese, and French, promising a captivating performance.

Taecyeon In La Grande Maison Paris

Taecyeon’s Excitement and Challenges

Taecyeon has expressed immense excitement about being part of La Grande Maison Paris, especially since he admires his co-star Kimura Takuya. He shared his enthusiasm in an interview, stating, “I am very excited to be able to appear in a project with Kimura Takuya, who I admire, and it is an honor to be part of such a great project.”

Working on this film has provided Taecyeon with valuable experiences and motivations, as he traveled between Japan and Paris, collaborating with an international team. This exposure has bolstered his confidence and prepared him for the new challenges his role presents.

Cast Of La Grande Maison Paris

Show Schedule and Anticipation

La Grande Maison Paris is slated to hit Japanese cinemas this winter. While there is no confirmed international release date, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting further updates. The anticipation surrounding this film is palpable, given the return of beloved characters and the addition of Taecyeon to the cast.

The cast lineup for the film includes:

  • Takuya Kimura as Obana Natsuki
  • Kyoka Suzuki as Hayami Rinko
  • Ikki Sawamura as Kyono Rikutaro
  • Mitsuhiro Oikawa as Aizawa Kamehito
  • Tamamori Yuta as Hirako Shohei
  • Ok Taecyeon as Rick Yuan

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting film. La Grande Maison Paris promises to be a delightful treat for fans of the original drama and new viewers alike, with its compelling story and stellar cast.

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