Taecyeon Excited to Play Soul Mate: Becoming Hayato Isomura’s Partner

Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura star in Soul Mate, a touching Netflix drama about love and healing.
Taecyeon Excited To Play Soul Mate: Becoming Hayato Isomura’S Partner

Ok Taecyeon is back with new film and drama projects, and one of the most exciting is the drama Soul Mate. In a unique twist, he will be paired with Japanese actor Hayato Isomura for this Netflix series. This news has triggered various reactions, but Taecyeon himself is thrilled to be part of a drama that explores a deep and meaningful story between two men.

Taecyeon Takes on the Role of a Boxer in Soul Mate

Taecyeon Happy To Play Soul Mate, Becoming Hayato Isomura'S Partner

Ok Taecyeon (Instagram.com/Taecyeonokay) 

On June 28, 51K, the agency representing 2PM’s leader, announced Taecyeon’s latest drama project. According to their statement, “Ok Taecyeon will appear in the Japanese series Soul Mate, which is currently in production and targeted for release next year.” Taecyeon will be portraying Hwang Yohan, a Korean boxer, aiming to greet fans not only in Japan but all over the world.

This role as Hwang Yohan is an exciting challenge for Taecyeon, who is always looking to broaden his acting spectrum. His dedication to the role is evident from his intense preparation, including a strict diet and boxing training, ensuring he portrays Yohan’s character with sincerity and depth.

Joy in Portraying a Unique Relationship

Soul Mate Drama Poster On Netflix

Soul Mate Drama Poster On Netflix (Doc. Netflix/Soul Mate)

In an interview with Osen, Taecyeon shared his excitement about joining this Japanese series. “I was really happy to be able to appear in Soul Mate. There are so many types of characters and genres that I haven’t tried. I wanted to broaden my spectrum as an actor and find other sides of myself, and that’s when I got the offer to play in Soul Mate,” explained the idol-actor.

Taecyeon admitted that from the moment he read the script, he was curious about Hwang Yohan’s character. “The pain and struggle inside Yohan stayed with me for a long time, which is why I chose this project,” he added. His dedication to the role continued even while filming, where he maintained his boxing training to stay true to the character.

A Story Across Cities and Years

Taecyeon Happy To Play Soul Mate, Becoming Hayato Isomura'S Partner

Ok Taecyeon (Instagram.com/Taecyeonokay) 

Soul Mate is written and directed by Shunki Hashizume. According to Netflix’s announcement, the drama will narrate a love story spanning over ten years and across various cities, including Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo. Hayato Isomura, who previously garnered attention in Alice in Borderland Season 2 (2022), will play Ryu, a man who left everything behind in Japan. Taecyeon’s character, Yohan, is a boxer who struggles with his inner wounds.

The plot thickens when Yohan accidentally saves Ryu’s life abroad. This encounter provides an opportunity for both characters to change each other’s lives forever, slowly learning the meaning of life and love.

An Anticipated Drama with Depth

As someone who appreciates the depth and nuances in drama series, I am genuinely excited about Soul Mate. Taecyeon’s dedication to his roles has always been commendable, and his willingness to take on challenging characters speaks volumes about his growth as an actor. Pairing him with Hayato Isomura, another talented actor, promises a dynamic and heartfelt performance.

The storyline spanning different cities and over a decade provides a rich tapestry for exploring complex emotions and relationships. The character development, combined with the beautiful backdrops of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, sets the stage for a visually and emotionally engaging series.

In conclusion, Soul Mate is shaping up to be a must-watch drama. With Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura bringing their characters to life, fans can look forward to a story that not only entertains but also touches the heart.

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