Synopsis and Show Schedule for Drama Dear X, Adapted from Webtoon

Lee Eung Bok's new drama Dear X adapts Ban Ji Un's webtoon. Follow Baek Ah Jin's tumultuous journey from stardom to scandal. Featuring Kim Young Dae and Kim Yoo Jung.
Synopsis And Show Schedule For Drama Dear X, Adapted From Webtoon

Lee Eung Bok, the acclaimed director of Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, is set to return with a new drama titled Dear X. This intriguing drama is adapted from the popular webtoon by Ban Ji Un, released in 2021. Blending the genres of romance and psychological thriller, Dear X promises to captivate audiences with its intense storyline and complex characters. Let’s dive into the synopsis and the anticipated show schedule for this upcoming series!

Synopsis of Dear X

Synopsis And Show Schedule For Drama Dear X, Adapted From Webtoon Dear X webtoon poster (Webtoon doc)

Based on the webtoon, Dear X follows the life of a once-beloved artist named Baek Ah Jin. As his dark, sociopathic tendencies come to light, his once glittering popularity begins to wane. Baek Ah Jin is portrayed as a charming yet manipulative figure who uses his looks and charisma to advance his career while harboring deep-seated grudges behind his seemingly kind facade. The dramatic fall of Baek Ah Jin’s career raises the question: what will become of him next? This character’s descent into turmoil is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The story intricately explores the duality of human nature, presenting Baek Ah Jin as a multifaceted character who embodies both allure and menace. His journey from stardom to scandal is not just a narrative of personal downfall but also a commentary on the fragility of fame and the consequences of deceit.

Cast List for Dear X

Portrait Of Kim Yoo Jung Portrait of Kim Yoo Jung (

According to recent reports, the production team is eyeing Kim Young Dae for the male lead role of Yoon Joon Seo. Kim Young Dae’s agency, Outer Universe, has acknowledged the discussions about his potential involvement. Additionally, Kim Yoo Jung is also in talks to join the cast as the main actress. The prospect of these two talented actors leading the series has already generated considerable excitement among fans.

Kim Young Dae, known for his compelling performances, is expected to bring depth and nuance to the character of Yoon Joon Seo. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung’s possible casting is thrilling news for her admirers who are eager to see her take on another challenging role. The combination of these actors, under Lee Eung Bok’s direction, hints at a stellar cast that will likely deliver powerful performances.

Broadcast Schedule for Dear X

Portrait Of Kim Young Dae Portrait of Kim Young Dae (

Filming for Dear X is slated to begin in the latter half of this year. Although an exact broadcast date hasn’t been confirmed, the drama is expected to feature 12 episodes. Given the talent involved and the gripping source material, anticipation is high for the release of this series.

The production timeline suggests that viewers can look forward to a meticulously crafted show, with ample time dedicated to ensuring high-quality storytelling and production values. As we await more details on the premiere date, the excitement continues to build.

In conclusion, Dear X promises to be a riveting addition to the world of K-dramas. With its compelling storyline, impressive cast, and the experienced hand of Lee Eung Bok at the helm, this adaptation is set to make waves. Fans of the webtoon and newcomers alike should mark their calendars for what is sure to be a must-watch series. Keep an eye out for updates on the release date and get ready to be enthralled by the drama and suspense of Dear X.

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