Suzy says the film Wonderland made her enjoy acting

Suzy reveals how Wonderland rekindled her love for acting. Learn about her emotional journey, the unique filming experience, and her sincere dedication to her craft.
Suzy Says The Film Wonderland Made Her Enjoy Acting

Suzy, a celebrated South Korean actress, has recently shared her profound experience while working on the film Wonderland. In this film, Bae Suzy plays Jung In, a character who navigates the emotional landscape of reconnecting with her comatose lover, Tae Joo, portrayed by Park Bo Gum, through advanced AI technology. This article delves into Suzy’s journey with Wonderland and the impact it had on her passion for acting.

The Unique Filming Experience

Suzy Says The Film Wonderland Made Her Enjoy Acting footage of Suzy and Park Bo Gum in the film Wonderland (

In a recent interview with Yonhap News on June 4, 2024, Suzy revealed her admiration for the film’s director, Kim Tae Yong. According to Suzy, the director’s warm and communicative approach made the filming process exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable. This positive environment allowed Suzy to explore her character, Jung In, in depth and with a new level of creativity.

“This is the first time I felt such a deep love for a project,” Suzy stated. “In the past, I would strictly follow the script, but with Wonderland, I learned to fill in the gaps and truly embody my character.” Suzy even went the extra mile by writing a detailed text to understand Jung In’s emotions towards Tae Joo, a testament to her dedication and immersion in the role.

The film’s premise, which revolves around people using AI to reconnect with their deceased loved ones, struck a chord with Suzy. She felt that the heartwarming story allowed her to fully appreciate the craft of acting and discover new facets of her abilities.

Balancing New Roles with a Beloved Image

Suzy Says The Film Wonderland Made Her Enjoy Acting footage of Suzy in the film Wonderland (

Suzy’s career began as a member of the idol group Miss A in 2010. She quickly transitioned to acting, gaining widespread recognition with her role in the Korean drama Dream High (2011). Her portrayal of Seo Yeon in Architecture 101 (2012) earned her the title of “Nation’s First Love”, a moniker that still follows her today.

Despite this cherished image, Suzy expressed her desire to explore diverse characters without compromising her established persona. “I don’t want to damage the image of Nation’s First Love,” she explained. “However, I prefer characters that can show a new side of me that I have never played before.”

Suzy’s willingness to embrace different roles while maintaining her beloved image speaks volumes about her versatility and commitment to her craft. Her performance in Wonderland is a shining example of how she balances these aspects, offering audiences both familiarity and novelty.

A Journey Towards Sincerity in Acting

Suzy Says The Film Wonderland Made Her Enjoy Acting footage of Suzy in the film Wonderland (

For Suzy, sincerity is a cornerstone of her acting philosophy. She believes that understanding and conveying a character’s emotions with authenticity is crucial to connecting with the audience. “More than anything, I want to be a sincere actress,” Suzy shared. “I hope to keep a character alive through my acting. I believe that if I continue to do this consistently, there will come a time when I will develop significantly.”

Wonderland stands as a testament to Suzy’s sincerity and growth as an actress. Her on-screen chemistry with Park Bo Gum has captivated many, showcasing her ability to bring genuine emotion to her roles. While the film has been released in South Korean cinemas since June 5, 2024, international fans eagerly await news of its wider distribution.

I must say that Wonderland is a film that transcends the typical romance narrative, blending sci-fi elements with deep emotional storytelling. Suzy’s performance is not just commendable but truly heartfelt, making viewers feel the weight of her character’s journey. Her growth as an actress is palpable, and it’s exciting to see her push her boundaries while staying true to her roots. If Wonderland does reach a global audience, it will undoubtedly touch hearts around the world just as it has in South Korea.

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