Rumored to be Divorced, 9 Intimate Portraits of T-ARA’s Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun

Intimate portraits of T-ARA's Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun amid divorce rumors.
Rumored To Be Divorced, 9 Intimate Portraits Of T-Ara’S Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun

Unpleasant news has surfaced about T-ARA’s Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun. On Tuesday (June 25, 2024), commentator Lee Kwang Gil revealed during a baseball match between the Lotte Giants and Kia Tigers that the couple’s marriage is on the verge of divorce.

These marital issues are said to be affecting Hwang Jae Gyun’s performance as a baseball athlete. Despite Jiyeon’s agency denying the divorce rumors, netizens remain skeptical about the state of their relationship.

Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun have been married since December 2022, and many hoped their relationship would endure. Here, we share a series of intimate portraits of the couple, shedding light on their journey and the love they have shared.

A Look at Their Relationship

1. A Romantic Beginning

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun tied the knot in December 2022, bringing together fans from both the music and sports worlds. Their wedding was a beautiful affair, filled with heartfelt moments that showcased their deep affection for each other.

2. Sharing Their Lives with Fans

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Since their marriage, the couple has actively shared vlogs on YouTube, documenting their daily lives and adventures. These vlogs give fans a closer look at their bond and the fun moments they share, making it all the more surprising and heartbreaking to hear about the divorce rumors.

3. Always Together, Even During Matches

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Jiyeon has been a supportive wife, often accompanying Hwang Jae Gyun to his baseball matches, even those held outside Seoul. Her presence at the games highlighted their strong bond and mutual support, making the recent news even more unexpected.

4. Quality Time During Breaks

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun During Hwang Jae Gyun’s breaks from his hectic schedule, the couple ensures they spend quality time together. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a quick getaway, their moments of togetherness have been cherished by fans.

5. Keeping the Spark Alive

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Even after their marriage, Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun made it a point to continue dating. They often shared pictures of their date nights on social media, showing that they valued maintaining the romance in their relationship.

6. Fun Times at the Playground

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun One of the most adorable moments was when the couple visited a playground wearing matching Dobby hats. This playful side of their relationship endeared them even more to their fans.

7. Shocking Divorce Rumors

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun The rumors of their impending divorce have shocked many fans. Their social media presence and public appearances have always suggested a loving and committed relationship, making the rumors hard to believe.

8. Denial from Jiyeon’s Agency

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun Despite the widespread rumors, Jiyeon’s agency has firmly denied any issues of divorce. They have assured fans that the couple is still together, urging everyone to take the rumors with a grain of salt.

9. Proof on Social Media

Jiyeon And Hwang Jae Gyun A quick glance at Jiyeon’s Instagram account reveals numerous photos of her and her husband. These images, filled with smiles and happy moments, suggest that the couple is still very much in love.

The recent rumors surrounding Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun’s marriage have undoubtedly worried their fans. However, the couple’s shared history and the continuous denial from Jiyeon’s agency offer hope that these are merely rumors. Let’s hope that the love story of Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun continues to thrive despite the challenges.

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