Really Easy Listening! 3 2024 Korean Drama Soundtracks Sung by 10CM

10CM brings three heartfelt Korean drama soundtracks in 2024. Feel the emotions of Lovely Runner, Queen of Tears, and My Demon through his soothing voice.
Really Easy Listening! 3 2024 Korean Drama Soundtracks Sung By 10Cm

When it comes to Korean drama soundtracks, few voices are as recognizable and beloved as 10CM. This talented South Korean singer has a knack for creating tunes that not only enhance the drama but also captivate the hearts of general listeners. In 2024, 10CM graced us with three beautiful soundtracks for some of the year’s most popular dramas. Let’s dive into these melodious contributions and see why they are worth adding to your playlist.

1. Spring Snow (Lovely Runner)

One of the standout tracks of the year is “Spring Snow,” the eighth soundtrack released for the drama Lovely Runner. This pop ballad, which debuted on various music platforms on May 14, perfectly captures the tender emotions of longing for a first love. The song’s soft harmony, featuring a beautiful blend of guitar and piano, adds depth to the drama’s emotional narrative.

10CM’s sweet and soothing voice makes “Spring Snow” an ideal companion for those quiet moments, perhaps even as a lullaby. The song’s easy listening nature ensures it resonates with a wide audience, warming hearts and evoking a sense of nostalgic excitement.


2. Tell Me It’s Not a Dream (Queen of Tears)

Next, we have “Tell Me It’s Not a Dream,” a romantic tune from the drama Queen of Tears. This song beautifully complements the touching scenes between characters Baek Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won). It’s the kind of song that makes viewers smile awkwardly at its sheer sweetness.

As the second soundtrack for Queen of Tears, “Tell Me It’s Not a Dream” encapsulates the magic of falling in love, likened to fireworks at a summer festival. The dreamy atmosphere and 10CM’s emotive delivery make this track a perfect match for the romantic moments in the drama.


3. The Way to Lose You (My Demon)

Finally, we have “The Way to Lose You,” the seventh soundtrack for the fantasy romance drama My Demon. This series, starring Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang, tells the story of a love affair between humans and demons. The song, released in both Korean and English versions, captures the heart-wrenching feeling of having to part with a loved one despite desperately wanting to stay together.

The powerful emotions conveyed in “The Way to Lose You” reflect the brutal confusion of forced separation. 10CM’s ability to channel such deep feelings through his music makes this song a standout, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

In conclusion, 10CM’s contributions to the soundtracks of Lovely Runner, Queen of Tears, and My Demon in 2024 have been nothing short of spectacular. Each song brings a unique emotional depth to its respective drama, showcasing 10CM’s versatility and talent. Whether you prefer songs that make you fall in love or those that stir up bittersweet emotions, these tracks are sure to find a special place in your heart.

So, which of these soundtracks do you love the most? Are you drawn to the tender romance or the intense heartache? Let us know in the comments!

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