Rain’s Story About Challenges He Experienced While Filming Red Swan

Rain reveals his challenges filming Red Swan, focusing on action and deep emotions.
Rain’S Story About Challenges He Experienced While Filming Red Swan

On July 2, the original Disney+ Hotstar drama, Red Swan, held a press conference. The event, held at Conrad Seoul, was attended by director Park Hong Kyun and several main actors, including Rain (Jung Jihoon), Kim Haneul, Jung Gyu Woon, Seo Yi Sook, and Ki Eun Se.

Rain, who plays Seo Do-yoon, the Hwain family’s bodyguard, shared about the challenges and behind-the-scenes stories of filming the drama. Let’s dive into his story.

Focus on Action Scenes

Rain At The Press Conference For The Korean Drama Red Swan On July 2, 2024 (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan)

During the virtual press conference, Rain revealed that he intensely focused on preparing for the action scenes. Playing a former police officer turned bodyguard, he emphasized the importance of making these scenes look impressive.

“I wanted the action scenes to look cool, so I talked a lot with the martial arts director and paid a lot of attention to these aspects during filming,” Rain explained.

Instead of relying heavily on editing cuts, Rain and the team focused on executing the action scenes as perfectly as possible. This dedication aimed to ensure the results were satisfactory and authentic, capturing the essence of his character’s physical prowess and combat skills.

Deepening His Role and Emotions

Rain At The Press Conference For The Korean Drama Red Swan On July 2, 2024 (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan)

Rain admitted that one of the significant challenges during filming was getting into character and showing emotions authentically, especially when acting alongside Kim Haneul, who plays Wan Soo.

“It was very challenging to act with deep emotions. When I was sad, I had to show sadness. When I was lonely, I had to show loneliness without using words, only through my eyes,” Rain shared.

This process demanded a lot of emotional depth and subtlety, requiring Rain to convey complex feelings convincingly. The task was not just about physical acting but also about internalizing the character’s struggles and portraying them through nuanced facial expressions and body language.

The Secret to Expressing Emotions Through His Eyes

Rain At The Press Conference For The Korean Drama Red Swan On July 2, 2024 (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan)

Rain’s commitment to his role extended to ensuring his eye acting was on point. He revealed a unique trick he used to show deep emotions through his eyes.

“I have small eyes, so to prevent them from swelling, I fast the night before or run for 30 minutes before filming,” he said.

This preparation helped him maintain a sharp and expressive look, crucial for scenes where his character had to convey emotions without dialogue. His dedication to even the smallest details highlights his professionalism and passion for acting.

Red Swan tells the story of Wan Soo, who dreams of a perfect life in the upper class by marrying the heiress of the Hwain Group. She meets Do Yoon, a bodyguard who wants to protect her, and together they face the secrets of the Hwain Family. This original drama has officially aired on Disney+ Hotstar on July 3, with new episodes released every Wednesday.


Rain’s dedication to his role in Red Swan is truly commendable. His focus on perfecting action scenes and his innovative methods for expressing emotions show his commitment to his craft. As fans, we can appreciate the effort he puts into delivering a believable and engaging performance. It’s this level of dedication that makes Red Swan a must-watch drama, blending intense action with deep emotional storytelling.

Overall, Rain’s experiences highlight the challenges actors face behind the scenes and their relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring we get the best viewing experience possible.

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