One Actor Ruined Joy of Life 2? The “Tasteless” Female Lead Might as Well Be Deleted

One actor's poor performance in Joy of Life Season 2 caused significant backlash, despite exceptional work from veteran cast members. Can the series recover?
One Actor Ruined Joy Of Life 2? The “Tasteless” Female Lead Might As Well Be Deleted

The audience had been eagerly waiting for five years, expecting screenwriter Wang Juan to fill the gap left by the first season of Joy of Life. With high hopes, viewers tuned in to the much-anticipated second season, but instead of accolades, the comment sections were flooded with negative reviews. The disappointment was palpable, and the culprit seemed to be a single actor whose performance fell flat, causing frustration among fans.

The Stellar Performances of Veteran Actors

Despite the criticisms, Joy of Life Season 2 still managed to shine, thanks to the incredible performances of its veteran actors. Their skills brought depth and charm to the series, making certain moments truly memorable.

Chen Daoming: A Masterclass in Acting

Joy Of Life

Chen Daoming’s portrayal of Emperor Qing was nothing short of brilliant. Although the character showed signs of madness, Daoming’s nuanced performance made him endearing rather than irritating. One memorable scene had Emperor Qing reacting to Fan Xian’s fake death with a mix of anger and helplessness, kicking his legs in frustration. This blend of emotions showcased Daoming’s exceptional talent, turning a potentially irritating character into a complex and relatable figure.

Gao Shuguang: Emotional Depth

Joy Of Life

Gao Shuguang’s performance as Fan Jian was another highlight. Despite not being related by blood to Fan Xian, his character’s grief and rage at Fan Xian’s supposed death were palpable. His outburst, “You all don’t want him, I do! I want to take my son home!” resonated deeply with viewers. Shuguang’s ability to convey profound sorrow and anger through his lines and expressions was a testament to his acting prowess.

Wu Gang: Subtle Intensity

Joy Of Life

Wu Gang’s portrayal of Chen Pingping brought a different kind of intensity to the show. His restrained and calculated demeanor, especially in scenes discussing Fan Xian’s fate, created a chilling atmosphere. Wu Gang’s ability to convey menace and authority with just a glance or a calm line delivered with hidden threats kept the audience on edge.

Tian Yu: Comic Relief with Depth

Joy Of Life

Tian Yu’s character, Wang Qinian, provided much-needed comic relief while still being a well-rounded character. His antics, especially the “Mission: Impossible” episode with the second prince, were both hilarious and endearing. Yu’s performance captured the essence of a character who is cunning yet lovable, adding a light-hearted touch to the series.

The Failures: Wang Churan and Wu Xingjian

Unfortunately, not all performances in Joy of Life Season 2 were up to par. The introduction of new actors brought a stark contrast in quality, leading to significant criticism.

Wang Churan: A Miscast Disaster

Joy Of Life

Wang Churan, playing the female lead, received heavy criticism for her performance. Despite the filters and beautification used in her scenes, her portrayal felt out of place. Her soft and unclear pronunciation made her lines difficult to understand, especially when compared to the more experienced actors. Her “stinky face” and forced attempts at playing a sweet brothel girl failed to resonate with the audience, making her scenes awkward and unconvincing.

Wu Xingjian: An Unfit Replacement

Joy Of Life

Wu Xingjian, who took over the role of Yan Bingyun, also struggled to meet expectations. His appearance and mannerisms did not fit the character, creating a disconnect for viewers. His habit of pursing his lips after every line was particularly distracting, leading to jokes among the audience. This repetitive mannerism detracted from the character’s credibility and highlighted Wu’s lack of fit for the role.

Conclusion: The Impact of Casting Choices

Joy of Life Season 2 had the potential to be a great sequel, thanks to its strong script and talented veteran actors. However, the miscasting of key roles significantly affected the show’s reception. Casting is a crucial element in any production, and poor choices can undermine even the best scripts and performances.

While the show has only aired a few episodes, there is still hope that the plot and acting will improve. Fans remain optimistic that the series can recover and deliver the quality they expect. Until then, the impact of these early missteps serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful casting and consistent performance in maintaining the integrity of a beloved series.

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