Nobuaki Kaneko’s New Thriller Movie: The Perfect Match Murder

Nobuaki Kaneko's latest thriller, The Perfect Match Murder, reunites him with Tao Tsuchiya. Read about his eerie filming encounter and their gripping on-screen chemistry.
Nobuaki Kaneko’S New Thriller Movie: The Perfect Match Murder

The Country of Today star Nobuaki Kaneko is back with a thrilling new movie, The Perfect Match Murder. This film, set to release in Taiwan on June 14, promises a chilling tale involving dating software and eerie encounters. Nobuaki Kaneko, known for his diverse talents in both music and acting, once again demonstrates his versatile acting skills in this new project.

A Terrifying Filming Experience

During the filming of The Perfect Match Murder, Kaneko had a spine-chilling experience that left him and the crew shaken. He recounted the incident, saying, “My dormitory is on the first floor with a big window next to my bed. One night, I suddenly heard a loud noise, like someone banging on my window. I jumped out of bed, but when I opened the window, no one was there. I saw a shadow that looked like a cat flashing past, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest.” This unexpected encounter added an extra layer of fear to the already tense atmosphere of the film’s set.

Reuniting with Tao Tsuchiya

Kaneko And Tsuchiya In A Scene
Kaneko and Tsuchiya once collaborated on The Breaker of the World.

Nobuaki Kaneko reunites with Tao Tsuchiya, his co-star from The Country of Today, in this thriller. Their on-screen chemistry continues to captivate audiences, and Kaneko expressed his appreciation for Tsuchiya, saying, “As long as Tao is around, I feel at ease and can give myself completely to her. She is full of motherly glory.” This partnership adds depth to their characters, making their interactions even more compelling.

In The Perfect Match Murder, Kaneko plays Kageyama, a dating software engineer with a mysterious side. Tsuchiya’s character turns to him for help, leading to intense and dramatic scenes that highlight their acting prowess. Kaneko praised Tsuchiya’s strong-willed and energetic presence, which helped him navigate his role more effectively.

Poster Of The Perfect Match Murder
The Perfect Match Murder will be released in Taiwan on June 14.*

A Unique Collaboration with Director Eiji Uchida

Director Eiji Uchida selected Kaneko for his unique temperament and ability to portray complex characters. Kaneko admired Uchida’s skill in describing the inner pain of characters and found the experience of working with him highly rewarding. “I have always wanted to work with the director,” Kaneko said. “He is good at capturing the essence of a character’s inner turmoil.”

Despite the intense communication and collaboration, Uchida kept the film’s ultimate twist a secret until the end of filming, adding an element of suspense for the cast as well. This secrecy maintained the authenticity and intensity of the actors’ performances, ensuring the film’s suspenseful atmosphere remained intact.


The Perfect Match Murder showcases Nobuaki Kaneko’s exceptional acting abilities and his ability to thrive in diverse roles. His reunion with Tao Tsuchiya and collaboration with director Eiji Uchida promise to deliver a gripping and memorable thriller. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await the chance to experience the chilling story and stellar performances in theaters. If you’re a fan of suspenseful, character-driven films, this is one not to miss!

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