NCT’s Haechan and Johnny Dragged into Prostitution Rumors, SM Firmly Denies It

NCT fans are in turmoil over rumors of Haechan and Johnny's alleged scandal in Japan. SM Entertainment swiftly denies the claims, vowing legal action to protect their artists.
Nct’S Haechan And Johnny Dragged Into Prostitution Rumors, Sm Firmly Denies It

The Start of the Controversy

Recently, NCT fans were shocked by rumors involving members Haechan and Johnny. Accusations surfaced that they had hired women for prostitution services while they were in Japan. This scandalous news became even hotter with a series of photos that were claimed to be proof of the women who supposedly slept with the NCT members. In response, SM Entertainment has firmly denied the accusations. Let’s delve into the chronology of the case.

Nct'S Haechan And Johnny Image Source: @kira_ceo_main tweet (

It all started with a netizen’s tweet. The controversy began when a tweet from @kira_ceo_main accused two NCT members of hiring women for sex. The account, known for allegedly connecting women with high-profile clients, claimed that Haechan and Johnny met with three Japanese women for sexual activities. Although the tweet didn’t initially mention names, it included photos of Johnny and Haechan. The tweet went viral quickly but was soon deleted.

The Alleged Evidence on Social Media

Alleged Evidence Image Source:

The same account also shared a series of photos claimed to be evidence. The photos included three women showing off keys to the same hotel where Haechan and Johnny were staying, which was confirmed via Haechan’s live broadcast on Weverse. Another photo showed liquor bottles with the caption, “It turns out to be Haechan and Johnny, I’m going crazy.”

These women claimed they didn’t know who ordered them via the Teco application, a Japanese app used by men to pay women for drinking and sexual activities. Additionally, there was a photo of a crowd outside the hotel, referred to as sasaeng (obsessive fans).

One woman, who claimed to have slept with the NCT members, wrote, “Nice to see. I’m sorry, but while you guys (sasaeng) were waiting there, Johnny and Haechan were with me. Excuse me.” It was later revealed that this woman was an NCT fan herself. The situation escalated when another woman accused NCT’s Mark of similar behavior on different occasions.

SM Entertainment’s Firm Denial

Sm Entertainment'S Official Statement Image Source: Kwangya119 (

The rumors were further fueled when national television station KBS reported on the scandal. Fans demanded an explanation from SM Entertainment through the Kwangya119 website, which serves as a reporting center to protect SM artists and their fans.

On June 4, 2024, SM Entertainment responded with an official statement, firmly denying the rumors. The company stated:

“Hello, this is SM Entertainment.
Currently, rumors surrounding Johnny and Haechan’s involvement in prostitution, drugs, and other indecent content are being widely spread online. After verifying the facts, these accusations are completely false and constitute a criminal act that seriously defames our artists.
Moreover, malicious rumors and slander continue to spread about NCT and our other artists, including Kim Heechul.
We have gathered sufficient evidence regarding these posts. We will ensure that the perpetrators who spread this information are punished without leniency, regardless of their nationality.
Please be aware that any act of uploading harmful content may be subject to punishment.
Thank you.”

This official statement from SM Entertainment brought relief to fans, reassuring them of the company’s commitment to protecting their artists’ reputations.

It’s heartbreaking to see such serious allegations aimed at beloved idols. While it’s essential to take any accusations seriously, it’s equally important to wait for verified information and official statements. In this case, SM Entertainment’s swift response and firm denial seem to indicate that the rumors are baseless. However, the emotional impact on both the idols and their fans cannot be underestimated. This scandal serves as a reminder of the dangers of spreading unverified information online, and the serious consequences it can have on individuals’ lives and careers.

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