Na In Woo and Lee Se Young Reunite in the Highly Anticipated Drama Motel California

Na In Woo and Lee Se Young team up in Motel California, a drama about love, reunions, and the challenges of the past. Premiering in 2025, don't miss it!
Na In Woo And Lee Se Young Reunite In The Highly Anticipated Drama Motel California

The highly anticipated comeback of actor Na In Woo has finally been confirmed by MBC TV. After making headlines for his departure from the variety show 2 Days 1 Night, Na In Woo is set to star in the upcoming drama Motel California, alongside the talented actress Lee Se Young. This romantic drama, filled with emotional twists and turns, is sure to captivate audiences.

Synopsis of Motel California

Na In Woo Comeback At Drakor Motel California, With Lee Se Young

Na In Woo ( 

Motel California follows the story of Ji Kang Hee (played by Lee Se Young), who grew up in a rural motel called the California Motel. After spending years away from her hometown, Ji Kang Hee returns and unexpectedly reunites with her first love, Cheon Yeon Soo (played by Na In Woo). The drama delves into their complicated love story, with Cheon Yeon Soo having only loved one woman his entire life—Ji Kang Hee. However, their reunion is far from simple, as Cheon Yeon Soo is entangled in a fake romantic relationship with someone else. This engaging plot is set to unfold over 12 episodes, promising a rollercoaster of emotions for viewers.

Adaptation of the Novel Home, Bitter Home

Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young ( 

Motel California is based on the popular 2019 novel Home, Bitter Home by Shim Yoon Seo. The novel’s poignant and relatable storyline has been adapted for the screen, with directors Jang Joon Ho and Kim Hyung Min at the helm. The screenplay, crafted by renowned writer Lee Seo Yoon, remains faithful to the novel’s essence while bringing new depth to the characters’ journeys.

Lee Se Young’s Role as Ji Kang Hee

Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young ( 

Lee Se Young takes on the role of Ji Kang Hee, a woman with a troubled past. As the daughter of the motel manager, Ji Kang Hee’s childhood was marked by emotional scars, leading her to flee her hometown at the age of 20. Now a successful interior designer, she returns home 12 years later at the peak of her career. This return forces her to confront her past and rekindle her relationship with Cheon Yeon Soo.

Na In Woo’s Role as Cheon Yeon Soo

Na In Woo

Na In Woo ( 

Na In Woo portrays Cheon Yeon Soo, Ji Kang Hee’s steadfast first love. Despite his deep feelings for Ji Kang Hee, Cheon Yeon Soo is caught in a sham relationship, orchestrated by those around him who are eager to see him married. As a charming veterinarian, he faces constant matchmaking attempts, but his heart remains devoted to Ji Kang Hee. This complex dynamic adds layers of intrigue and conflict to their love story.

With its compelling plot and star-studded cast, Motel California is poised to be a hit when it airs in 2025. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Na In Woo and Lee Se Young bring this heartfelt story to life on screen.

In my opinion, Motel California promises to deliver a captivating blend of romance and drama, much like the beloved dramas of the past. The chemistry between Na In Woo and Lee Se Young is sure to be a highlight, and the adaptation of such a well-loved novel adds an extra layer of anticipation. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds and if the characters can overcome the challenges they face to find true happiness.

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