Men in Love: Why Guo Shengyun Divorced Lu Zheng

Uncover the emotional reasons behind Guo Shengyun's divorce from Lu Zheng in Men in Love. A story of love, honesty, and overcoming challenges.
Men In Love: Why Guo Shengyun Divorced Lu Zheng

In Men in Love, Lu Zheng takes the blame for fertility issues to spare Guo Shengyun’s feelings. Unfortunately, when Guo Shengyun discovers the truth, she can’t accept the reality of her infertility and decides to divorce him.

The Discovery

Lu Zheng knew about Guo Shengyun’s fertility problems before she did. He tried to protect her by claiming the issue was his, but Guo Shengyun’s disappointment was overwhelming when she learned she couldn’t conceive. Seeing her distress, Lu Zheng continued to lie, saying he was the cause of their infertility. However, Dr. Li later confirmed Guo Shengyun’s diagnosis, revealing her immature follicles needed treatment. Feeling betrayed by Lu Zheng’s dishonesty, Guo Shengyun asked for a divorce.

Facing the Truth

The next morning, Lu Zheng wakes up to find Guo Shengyun missing. With help from his brothers, he finds her in a hotel. Guo Shengyun confronts Lu Zheng, accusing him of immaturity and irresponsibility. They argue, and Lu Zheng, overwhelmed by the situation, decides to take a break. Later, his brothers bring him the divorce papers, and Lu Zheng explains his actions were out of love. Ultimately, the couple reconciles, agreeing to face their problems together and work on their health.

The story continues with another subplot involving Li Xiaoxiao and Ye Han, filled with misunderstandings, jealousy, and personal growth, adding depth to the series and keeping viewers engaged.

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