Meet the Main Lawyers of Good Partner: Who Are They?

Meet the key lawyers in SBS's new drama Good Partner, premiering July 12.
Meet The Main Lawyers Of Good Partner: Who Are They?

SBS is bringing back a legal-themed drama, set to air on July 12, 2024. The drama, titled Good Partner, delves into the twists and turns in the lives of lawyers, showcasing both the stressful and fun aspects of their careers. For those who love legal dramas, Good Partner promises to be an intriguing watch.

Broadcast on SBS TV, international audiences can stream the drama on platforms like VIU. Before diving into the series, let’s get to know the main lawyers featured in Good Partner. Who are they?

Cha Eun Kyung: The Seasoned Divorce Specialist

4 Main Lawyers At Drakor Good Partner, Who Are They?

Jang Nara In The Drama Good Partner ( 

Cha Eun Kyung, played by Jang Nara, is a senior lawyer at Daejung Law Firm with 17 years of experience. Specializing in divorce cases, she leads Divorce Team 1. Eun Kyung is depicted as a confident and dedicated professional, known for her bob haircut and neat style, reflecting her meticulous nature.

Jang Nara’s return to drama with Good Partner marks her comeback after starring in My Happy Ending. Her performances are always memorable, making her comeback highly anticipated by fans.

Han Yoo Ri: The Enthusiastic Junior

4 Main Lawyers At Drakor Good Partner, Who Are They?

Nam Ji Hyun In The Drama Good Partner ( 

Han Yoo Ri, portrayed by Nam Ji Hyun, is a junior lawyer at Daejung Law Firm. With a charming face and a bright smile, Yoo Ri brings enthusiasm and dedication to her work in Divorce Team 1. Though she initially wanted to join the Corporate Team, she found her place in handling divorce cases.

Good Partner also marks Nam Ji Hyun’s return to the screen after her role in High Cookie in 2023. Known for her roles in popular dramas like 100 Days My Prince and Little Women, Nam Ji Hyun’s presence adds a fresh dynamic to the series.

Jung Woo Jin: The Gentle Mediator

4 Main Lawyers At Drakor Good Partner, Who Are They?

Kim Jun Han In The Drama Good Partner (

Jung Woo Jin, played by Kim Joon Han, is a key member of Divorce Team 2. Known for his gentle personality and effective mediation skills, Woo Jin is essential in resolving conflicts. He respects Eun Kyung both professionally and personally, making him a respected figure at Daejung Law Firm.

Jeon Eun Ho: The Energetic Novice

4 Main Lawyers In Korean Drama Good Partner, Who Are They?

Pyo Ji Hoon In The Drama Good Partner ( 

Jeon Eun Ho, portrayed by Pyo Ji Hoon (PO Block B), is a novice lawyer in Divorce Team 2. His passionate personality and charming smile bring positive energy to his team. Quick to understand others’ emotions, Eun Ho minimizes conflicts and later becomes a mentor to Han Yoo Ri, complementing each other as dedicated lawyers at Daejung Law Firm.

You can follow the stories of these main lawyers in Good Partner every week. The drama presents excitement through conflicts and unique resolutions. Don’t miss out on Good Partner, airing on July 12!

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