Meet the Cast of Possessed Love: An Intriguing Korean Dating Show

Meet the intriguing cast of Possessed Love blending mysticism and romance.
Meet The Cast Of Possessed Love: An Intriguing Korean Dating Show

Korea often presents dating shows that captivate Indonesian audiences. This time, SBS brings a unique concept with Possessed Love, a dating show featuring shamans, fortune-tellers, and tarot experts. Eight participants will spend a week together in a house, unable to reveal their true identities on the first day. Letโ€™s dive into the profiles of these fascinating cast members.

Lee Jae Won: The Saju Reader

Lee Jae Won

Name: Lee Jae Won
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Saju Reader
Education: Yonsei University, Mathematic

Lee Jae Won has been studying snow and predictions for six years. His love for mathematics, which began in elementary school, complements his saju reading, as he sees both as mathematical formulas. On the first day, Jae Won was drawn to Ham Su Hyeon, choosing her as his first impression favorite.

Ham Su Hyeon: The Shaman

Ham Su Hyeon

Name: Ham Su Hyeon
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Witch Doctor
Date of Birth: November 12, 1993
Saju: Red Rooster
Clan: Gangneung Ham

Ham Su Hyeon is a third-generation shaman from Seoul, inheriting her abilities from her grandmother and father. She received four nameplates from male participants during the first impression selection but chose Heo Gu Bong. Su Hyeon excels in cooking, often preparing ritual foods.

Heo Gu Bong: The Consultant

Heo Gu Bong

Name: Heo Gu Bong
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Saju Reader

Heo Gu Bong has been a snow consultant for 13 years, studying it since elementary school. Born into a family skilled in snow reading, his father is a monk. On the first day, Gu Bong chose Ham Su Hyeon, a woman with the saju of the Red Rooster.

Choi Han Na: The Tarot Expert

Choi Han Na

Name: Choi Han Na
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Tarot Expert
Date of Birth: March 23, 1995
Saju: Black Buffalo
Clan: Tamjin Choi

Choi Han Na has been a tarot consultant for a year, receiving her name from a priest. With 90% water in her nature, Han Na chose Lee Hong Jo on the first day, who initially caught her eye with his White Sheep saju.

Jo Han Na: The Newcomer Tarot Expert

Jo Han Na

Name: Jo Han Na
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Tarot Expert
Clan: Punyang Jo

Jo Han Na, a first-year tarot expert, impressed a shaman by accurately predicting fortunes. He chose a man in a blue buffalo suit before the first day, ultimately picking Lee Jae Won as his first impression favorite.

Park I Yul: The Shaman

Park I Yul

Name: Park I Yul
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Witch Doctor

Park I Yul, a shaman for four years, specializes in exorcism and fortune reading. He tends to choose people he likes rather than following luck. Initially drawn to a girl with Red Rooster saju, he chose Ham Su Hyeon during the first impression.

Jo Yun A: The Artistic Reader

Jo Yun A

Name: Jo Yun A
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Saju Reader
Clan: Hanyang Jo

Jo Yun A has been a snow reader for four years, using painting as his medium for visualizing predictions. He enjoys drinking and chose Lee Jae Won on the first impression.

Lee Hong Jo: The New Shaman

Lee Hong Jo

Name: Lee Hong Jo
Citizenship: South Korea
Profession: Witch Doctor
Clan: Jeonju Lee

Lee Hong Jo, a shaman for six months, inherited his talent from both parents. Possessed by the spirit of a general during sword dances, Hong Jo initially chose a girl with Black Buffalo saju but ultimately picked Ham Su Hyeon for his first impression.

Possessed Love presents an exciting blend of mysticism and romance, with participants navigating the complexities of hidden identities and spiritual connections. Will they find true love guided by their snow and saju? Only time will tell!

This showโ€™s unique concept sets it apart from typical dating shows, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre. The cast’s diverse backgrounds and intriguing personalities promise to deliver engaging and unpredictable dynamics throughout the series.

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