Lee Jung Ha’s Enthusiasm Shines in The Auditors

Lee Jung Ha’s transformation in The Auditors is a must-see!
Lee Jung Ha’S Enthusiasm Shines In The Auditors

Lee Jung Ha is all set to captivate audiences with his latest drama, The Auditors. This Korean drama, slated for release in 2024, dives into the challenging and intricate world of JU E&C’s Audit Team as they uncover embezzlement and corruption within the company. Starring alongside him are notable actors Shin Ha Kyun, Jin Goo, Jo A Ram, and Jung Moon Sung, making this a highly anticipated show.

Embracing Character Development

Lee Jung Ha Is Enthusiastic About His Acting Development In The Auditors

Lee Jung Ha recently shared his excitement about his role in The Auditors. Speaking to a local Korean reporter, he revealed his initial awkwardness in playing an adult character for the first time in his career. However, this challenge has fueled his enthusiasm for the project. “I decided to challenge myself in this work. I am also looking forward to the development of my character, Goo Han Su,” he said.

Goo Han Su, the character he portrays, is described as sincere, confident, and always growing. Lee Jung Ha emphasized, “Maybe he looks very emotional because of his great trust and concern for people. But I hope you can wait for the change. He will be more trustworthy when he succeeds in solving the case. His heart starts to look sincere at that time.” This insight into his character’s journey suggests a compelling evolution that viewers can look forward to.

Stepping into Adult Roles

Known for his adorable portrayals of high school and college students, Lee Jung Ha is now venturing into more mature territory. He reflected on this transition, noting, “This is the first time I play an adult character in his late 20s. I also started to learn a lot about how to speak well for Goo Han Su. At first, it felt very awkward, so I had to practice a lot while understanding the meaning of the dialogue.” This new role not only marks a significant step in his career but also showcases his dedication to his craft.

Building On-Screen Chemistry

Lee Jung Ha Is Enthusiastic About His Acting Development In The Auditors

A highlight of The Auditors is the dynamic relationship between Goo Han Su and his boss, Shin Cha Il, played by Shin Ha Kyun. Lee Jung Ha praised the chemistry they share on-screen, noting, “Chairman Shin looks cold and likes to be alone. Goo Han Su is very emotional but also warm. The situation will be very interesting when two different people become similar to each other by solving a case together.”

Furthermore, Lee Jung Ha hopes that the audience will enjoy the chemistry between the two characters as they delve into their cases. “So, don’t forget to watch The Auditors, which will premiere on July 6. This tvN drama is ready to accompany you every Saturday and Sunday on Viu,” he added enthusiastically.

With such excitement and dedication from Lee Jung Ha, The Auditors promises to be a thrilling watch. Make sure to tune in and witness the gripping story unfold.

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