Lee Je Hoon’s Reaction to Signal 2 Script: “Crazy!”

Lee Je Hoon describes the Signal 2 script as "crazy," sparking huge excitement.
Lee Je Hoon’S Reaction To Signal 2 Script: “Crazy!”

The popular 2016 drama Signal captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its thrilling storyline and compelling characters. Fans have eagerly awaited news about the much-anticipated sequel, Signal 2. Recently, the lead actor, Lee Je Hoon, shared his reaction after reading the script for the new season, and it has sparked a buzz among fans and netizens alike.

1. Lee Je Hoon’s Reaction to Seeing the Signal 2 Script

Lee Je Hoon'S Reaction After Reading The Signal 2 Script: Crazy!

Lee Je Hoon (Instagram.com/Leejehoon_Official) 

Upon reading the first part of the Signal 2 script, Lee Je Hoon was visibly impressed. He described the story as “crazy,” highlighting the exceptional quality and unexpected twists crafted by the production team. In an interview with Newsen on June 20, 2024, Lee Je Hoon revealed, “The only words that came out were ‘This is crazy.’ And when I saw the beginning, I thought, ‘How could they write like this?'”

This reaction from such a seasoned actor speaks volumes about the script’s potential. It sets high expectations for Signal 2, suggesting that the sequel will not only match but perhaps surpass the original series in terms of intrigue and excitement.

2. Lee Je Hoon Promises That Signal 2 Will Exceed Expectations

Lee Je Hoon'S Reaction After Reading The Signal 2 Script: Crazy!

Lee Je Hoon (Instagram.com/Leejehoon_Official) 

It’s been eight years since Signal first aired, and the anticipation for its sequel has only grown. Fans have been longing to see the return of the detective trio and their unique time-crossing investigations. Lee Je Hoon, who plays Park Hae Yeong, assured fans that Signal 2 would exceed their expectations.

“I think this will be a work that shows more than what viewers can imagine,” Lee Je Hoon stated confidently. His promise adds to the excitement, indicating that the new season will deliver a narrative that is both thrilling and emotionally resonant. The production team’s dedication to maintaining the series’ high standards ensures that fans’ patience will be well rewarded.

3. Lee Je Hoon is Grateful for Signal 2

Lee Je Hoon'S Reaction After Reading The Signal 2 Script: Crazy!

Lee Je Hoon (Instagram.com/Leejehoon_Official) 

Lee Je Hoon expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to read the script and be a part of Signal 2. The actor’s enthusiasm is shared by fans, who are eager to see him reprise his role. Netizens have interpreted his reaction as a positive sign that he will indeed star in the sequel.

“I’m just grateful for the release of Signal 2,” Lee Je Hoon concluded. His appreciation for the project and its creative team reflects the series’ impact on its cast and audience alike.

Currently, Signal 2 is still in the scriptwriting stage, but Lee Je Hoon’s reaction has certainly heightened curiosity and excitement. With promises of a captivating and unpredictable storyline, fans can look forward to another riveting chapter in the Signal saga. As we wait for more updates, Lee Je Hoon’s enthusiasm gives us hope that Signal 2 will be well worth the wait.

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