Lee Gwan Hee Signs Contract with BONBOO ENT: A New Chapter Unfolds

Lee Gwan Hee, famous for his Single's Inferno 3 stint, joins BONBOO ENT. This move signifies his exciting journey from sports to the entertainment world.
Lee Gwan Hee Signs Contract With Bonboo Ent: A New Chapter Unfolds

Lee Gwan Hee, a former participant of Single’s Inferno 3, has officially signed a contract with BONBOO ENT. This exciting news was announced by the agency on June 14, 2024. This new chapter in Gwan Hee’s career marks his transition from the sports sector to the entertainment industry, broadening his horizons and expanding his professional portfolio.

Lee Gwan Hee Joins BONBOO ENT

Lee Gwan Hee

Image Source: Instagram.com/Bonbooent 

According to Starnews reports, company officials confirmed that Lee Gwan Hee has officially joined BONBOO ENT. The agency expressed their enthusiasm about collaborating with Gwan Hee, a basketball athlete known for his versatile skills and charming looks.

“We are very happy to collaborate with active athletes who have versatile skills and charming looks. We will try our best to support Lee Gwan Hee to showcase his talents not only as an athlete but also in the broadcasting industry through the professional management of BONBOO ENT,” said an insider from the agency.

Gwan Hee’s journey to fame began with his appearance on Single’s Inferno 3 earlier this year. His intriguing personality and sometimes controversial “red flags” made him a standout participant, capturing the audience’s attention and earning him the title of the main character of the show.

Profile of BONBOO ENT

Bonboo Ent

Image Source: Instagram.com/Bonbooent 

BONBOO ENT is a prominent entertainment agency in South Korea, known for its diverse roster of talent, primarily consisting of sports stars and former athletes. The company is dedicated to professionally developing talents in the broadcasting arts.

Some well-known celebrities under BONBOO ENT include:

The agency’s focus on nurturing athletes into versatile entertainers aligns perfectly with Gwan Hee’s aspirations, making this partnership a promising venture.

Lee Gwan Hee’s Ventures in Entertainment

Lee Gwan Hee

Image Source: Instagram.com/Bonbooent

Since signing with BONBOO ENT, Lee Gwan Hee has already embarked on his first entertainment project. He recently appeared on the popular show MBC Omniscient Interfering View, bringing fellow Single’s Inferno 3 participants as guests. This appearance marks the beginning of his journey in the entertainment world.

Beyond television, Gwan Hee has been active on his personal YouTube channel (@GODGWANHEE) and is also a representative model for an Indonesian fashion brand. His multifaceted interests and activities demonstrate his eagerness to explore and excel in various entertainment fields.

Additionally, on July 17, 2024, Gwan Hee and other Single’s Inferno 3 participants are scheduled to hold a meet and greet at Britama Arena, Mahaka Square, Jakarta, Indonesia. Fans eagerly anticipating Gwan Hee’s next steps can look forward to this event and more exciting updates in the future.

In conclusion, Lee Gwan Hee’s signing with BONBOO ENT marks an exciting new phase in his career. From a popular reality show participant to an emerging star in the entertainment industry, Gwan Hee is set to make waves and captivate audiences with his diverse talents and charming personality.

For more updates on Lee Gwan Hee’s journey, stay tuned!

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