Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin – A Detailed Look

Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin stars Jung Kyung Ho as a money-driven lawyer who gains the ability to see ghosts. Airing on MBC in late 2025, it mixes legal drama with fantasy and comedy.
Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin – A Detailed Look

Synopsis and Themes

Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin (노무사 노무진) follows the life of Noh Moo Jin, a labor attorney driven solely by money rather than justice. This character, portrayed by Jung Kyung Ho, becomes entangled in a corruption case involving a controversial YouTuber. After a near-death experience, Noh Moo Jin gains the ability to see ghosts and is tasked with resolving their unfinished business, blending elements of fantasy and comedy into the legal drama genre.

Character Insights

Noh Moo Jin is an atypical protagonist in legal dramas. He is depicted as a morally ambiguous lawyer whose primary motivation is financial gain. This character development offers a refreshing departure from the usual righteous lawyer trope, adding depth and complexity to the narrative​​.

Cast and Crew

Jung Kyung Ho And Cast
  • Jung Kyung Ho as Noh Moo Jin: Known for his versatility in various roles, Jung Kyung Ho is expected to bring a unique charm to this unconventional lawyer.
  • Seol In Ah: Although her role has not been detailed yet, Seol In Ah is anticipated to play a significant part alongside Jung Kyung Ho. She has previously starred in popular dramas such as Mr. Queen and A Business Proposal 
  • Cha Hak Yeon (N from VIXX): He is in talks to join the cast, potentially adding another layer of talent and appeal to the series​​.

The drama is directed by Im Soon Rye, known for films like The Point Men and Little Forest, and written by Kim Bo Tong, the creator of the acclaimed series D.P.​​.

Broadcast Schedule

Broadcast Schedule

Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin is set to air in the second half of 2025, specifically on Fridays and Saturdays on MBC. The exact number of episodes has not been confirmed yet, but the production is highly anticipated due to its unique storyline and strong cast​.

Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin promises to be an intriguing blend of legal drama, fantasy, and comedy. The premise of a money-driven lawyer who ends up helping ghosts find justice is both fresh and exciting. Jung Kyung Ho’s involvement adds a level of credibility and anticipation, given his proven track record in diverse roles. I am particularly interested in seeing how the fantasy elements are integrated into the legal drama format. This show has the potential to offer a unique viewing experience, balancing serious themes with lighter, fantastical elements. Keep an eye out for more updates as we get closer to the release date!

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