Knowing Brothers’ Min Kyunghoon to Get Married

Min Kyunghoon of Knowing Brothers announces his upcoming wedding, delighting fans.
Knowing Brothers’ Min Kyunghoon To Get Married

Happy news has arrived for fans of the popular TV show Knowing Brothers. Min Kyunghoon, one of the show’s beloved hosts, is reportedly getting married to his girlfriend in November 2024. Both his agency and Min Kyunghoon himself have confirmed the exciting news.

Wedding Announcement and Details

Min Kyunghoon

Min Kyunghoon ( 

According to Sports Kyunghyang, Min Kyunghoon will marry his girlfriend in November 2024. Innext Trend, Min Kyunghoon’s agency, confirmed the news on July 10, 2024, stating, “It’s true that he (Min Kyunghoon) is getting married.” However, the exact date and location of the wedding have not been disclosed yet. The agency assured fans that more details would be shared soon, urging everyone to congratulate Min Kyunghoon as he begins this new chapter of his life.

Min Kyunghoon took to Instagram (@minkyunghoon.official) to share the joyful news directly with his fans. He wrote, “I have some news to say directly to my fans. I will be getting married next November. I found a good person who wants to build a family and spend a simple life with me. We have decided to be each other’s resting place.”

Relationship Journey

Min Kyunghoon’s bride-to-be works in broadcasting, and the couple met on a program in late 2023. They decided to go public with their relationship because Min Kyunghoon felt it was important to share this significant part of his life with the many people he knows through Knowing Brothers. Despite the public announcement, the identity of his girlfriend has been kept private for now.

Min Kyunghoon’s Career

Min Kyunghoon

Min Kyunghoon ( 

Min Kyunghoon first debuted as a vocalist for the band Buzz in 2003 with the album Morning of Buzz. He made his solo debut in 2007 and has since become a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. His popularity surged further when he became a host on Knowing Brothers in 2015. Additionally, he hosted the main event Secret Man and Woman in 2022.

The news of Min Kyunghoon’s wedding has delighted fans and colleagues alike. His agency promises to share more information as the wedding day approaches. Congratulations to Min Kyunghoon and his girlfriend! We wish them all the best for their future together.

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