Knock Off: The Upcoming Korean Drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah

Knock Off, featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah, is a dark comedy set during the 1990s IMF crisis. Follow Kim Seong Jun’s quest in the counterfeit luxury goods industry.
Knock Off: The Upcoming Korean Drama With Kim Soo Hyun And Jo Bo Ah

The buzz surrounding Knock Off, an upcoming Korean drama, is reaching a fever pitch. Starring the much-admired Kim Soo Hyun and the talented Jo Bo Ah, this show is set to be a dark comedy with a unique storyline that promises to captivate audiences.

Portrait Of Kim Soo Hyun

The Plot of Knock Off

Set against the backdrop of the 1990s IMF crisis in South Korea, Knock Off follows Kim Seong Jun, portrayed by Kim Soo Hyun, who dreams of succeeding in the counterfeit luxury goods industry. Despite facing significant financial challenges, Kim Seong Jun’s character is noted for his empathy and problem-solving abilities, making him a relatable and compelling protagonist. His journey is further complicated by his first love, a customs officer played by Jo Bo Ah, adding an intriguing layer of personal conflict and romance.

A standout aspect of the show is Kim Seong Jun’s mentorship under Park Ae Ja, a veteran in the counterfeit industry, played by Lee Jung Eun. Her guidance is pivotal in shaping Kim Seong Jun’s strategies and decisions. The drama also features Jo Woo Jin as Baek Jong Min, a diligent customs investigator whose mission is to crack down on counterfeit goods, creating a constant threat to Kim Seong Jun’s ambitions.

Portrait Of Jo Bo Ah

The Cast and Production Team

Knock Off boasts a stellar cast, enhancing its appeal. The full cast includes:

The drama is directed by Park Hyun-Suk, known for his work on Uncontrollably Fond and Stranger Season 2. The series is penned by screenwriter Han Jung-Hoon, adding to its anticipated depth and quality.

Release and Viewing Details

Portrait Of Kim Si Eun

The excitement for Knock Off is not just due to its cast and storyline but also its unique release strategy. The series will be released in two seasons, each comprising nine episodes. This format allows for a more detailed exploration of the plot and characters over a more extended period. The show will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar, providing easy access for global viewers.

My Take on Knock Off

As a fan of dark comedies, Knock Off appears to be a must-watch. The setting during the IMF crisis adds a historical richness to the plot, while the focus on counterfeit luxury goods offers a fresh and relevant premise. Kim Soo Hyun’s ability to balance empathy and ambition, combined with Jo Bo Ah’s role as a customs officer, suggests a dynamic and multifaceted storyline.

The mentorship aspect between Kim Seong Jun and Park Ae Ja promises to deliver heartfelt and insightful moments, while the conflict with Baek Jong Min will likely keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Overall, Knock Off seems poised to be a standout drama, blending humor, tension, and emotional depth in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

For those who enjoy a good dark comedy with complex characters and a rich narrative backdrop, Knock Off should definitely be on your watch list. Be sure to catch it on Disney+ Hotstar when it releases!

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