Jo Jung Suk’s Top 7 Box Office Hits and His Anticipated 2024 Comeback

Jo Jung Suk's top box office hits and his highly anticipated return in 2024.
Jo Jung Suk’S Top 7 Box Office Hits And His Anticipated 2024 Comeback

Jo Jung Suk’s acting has received much praise for every character he plays. The actor born in 1980 began his career through a musical performance in 2004. Jo Jung Suk has always been active in big-screen films, television dramas, and musical performances.

In the second half of this year, Jo Jung Suk has two works to be released. The two films are Pilot and The Land of Happiness. Throughout his career, films starring Jo Jung Suk have often succeeded in topping the charts. Here are the seven Jo Jung Suk films with the most viewers.

Comedy Triumph: Exit (2019)

Jo Jung Suk was cast as the main actor with SNSD’s Yoona in the comedy film Exit. This film successfully attracted 9.42 million viewers, making it one of the highest-grossing films of his career. The movie blends comedy and action, creating a thrilling experience that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Jo Jung Suk’s comedic timing and chemistry with Yoona were highlights that contributed significantly to the film’s success.

Jo Jung Suk And Snsd'S Yoona In The Movie Exit

Jo Jung Suk And Snsd’S Yoona In The Movie Exit (Doc. Cj Enm Movie/Exit) 

Historical Drama: The Face Reader (2013)

In The Face Reader, Jo Jung Suk played Song Kang Ho’s hot-tempered brother-in-law. The sageuk film, set in the Joseon Dynasty, attracted 9.13 million viewers. Jo Jung Suk’s performance was praised for its intensity and depth, portraying a character with a fiery temperament. His ability to convey complex emotions added a rich layer to the historical drama, making it a memorable watch.

Jo Jung Suk In The Face Reader

Jo Jung Suk In The Face Reader (Doc. Showbox/The Face Reader) 

Romantic Role: Architecture 101 (2012)

In the romantic film Architecture 101, which reached 4.11 million viewers, Jo Jung Suk played a hilarious supporting role as Lee Je Hoon’s best friend. His character brought much-needed comic relief to the poignant love story, and his performance was both charming and endearing. This film showcased his versatility, proving he could handle both dramatic and comedic roles with ease.

Jo Jung Suk In Architecture 101

Jo Jung Suk In Architecture 101 (Doc. Lotte Entertainment/Architecture 101) 

Action and Intrigue: The Fatal Encounter (2014)

In contrast to his role in The Face Reader, Jo Jung Suk played a hitman with a dark story in The Fatal Encounter. This film, which reached 3.84 million viewers, delved into the treacherous lives of Joseon-era assassins. Jo Jung Suk’s portrayal of a conflicted and tormented killer added a thrilling edge to the movie, highlighting his ability to tackle complex characters.

Jo Jung Suk In The Fatal Encounter

Jo Jung Suk In The Fatal Encounter (Doc. Lotte Entertainment/The Fatal Encounter) 

Touching Brotherhood: My Annoying Brother (2016)

My Annoying Brother depicts the touching story of two brothers played by Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s DO. The film, which garnered 2.98 million viewers, is a heartwarming tale of family, love, and redemption. Jo Jung Suk’s performance as the mischievous but ultimately caring older brother was both funny and moving, making it a standout film in his career.

Jo Jung Suk And Exo'S Do In My Annoying Brother

Jo Jung Suk And Exo’S Do In My Annoying Brother (Doc. Cj Enm Movie/My Annoying Brother) 

Romantic Comedy: My Love, My Bride (2014)

In the romantic-comedy film My Love, My Bride, Jo Jung Suk starred alongside Shin Min Ah. The film attracted 2.14 million viewers and is a remake of the 1990 Korean film of the same name. Jo Jung Suk’s charming and humorous portrayal of a newlywed navigating the ups and downs of marriage resonated with audiences, showcasing his comedic talent once again.

Jo Jung Suk In My Love, My Bride

Jo Jung Suk In My Love, My Bride (Doc. Kidari Studio/My Love, My Bride) 

Crime Drama: The Drug King (2018)

The Drug King, a reunion project between Jo Jung Suk and Song Kang Ho, tells the story of a drug lord. The film reached 1.86 million viewers and featured Jo Jung Suk in a supporting role as a lawyer entangled in the criminal underworld. His performance added depth to the gritty narrative, proving his ability to shine even in ensemble casts.

Song Kang Ho And Jo Jung Suk In The Drug King

Song Kang Ho And Jo Jung Suk In The Drug King (쇼박스) 

Jo Jung Suk’s ability to take on diverse roles and bring them to life has made him a beloved figure in the South Korean film industry. His upcoming releases, Pilot and The Land of Happiness, are highly anticipated, and fans are eager to see what new dimensions he will bring to his characters. It’s no wonder that Jo Jung Suk’s films always sell well when they are shown, as he consistently delivers memorable performances that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

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