Jo Jung Suk’s Amazing Transformation for Pilot: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Jo Jung Suk's stunning transformation in Pilot is a must-see. Find out how he did it.
Jo Jung Suk’S Amazing Transformation For Pilot: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Jo Jung Suk, a beloved actor known for his versatility, is set to make a stunning return to the big screen in South Korea with the comedy film Pilot. This highly anticipated movie, scheduled for release at the end of July 2024, marks Jo Jung Suk’s comeback to the comedy genre following his massive success with Exit (2019), which drew an impressive 9.4 million viewers. In Pilot, Jo Jung Suk plays Han Jung Woo, a famous pilot who resorts to disguising himself as his sister, Han Jung Mi, in a desperate bid to reclaim his job after being fired.

Losing Weight for the Role

Jo Jung Suk Reveals Preparations For Disguising As A Girl In The Pilot Film

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One of the most notable aspects of Jo Jung Suk’s preparation for Pilot was his significant weight loss. The actor shed 7 kilograms to convincingly portray Han Jung Woo’s transformation into Han Jung Mi. At a press conference held on June 26, 2024, Jo Jung Suk shared insights into his rigorous preparation process.

“I felt overweight from my previous project,” he revealed. “I needed to diet more for a scene that required me to wear a dress. I promised the costume team manager that I would go on a diet, so I worked really hard to lose weight.” Jo Jung Suk adopted a low-carb, high-fat diet to achieve his goal, showcasing his dedication to embodying his character’s physical transformation.

Embracing the Feminine: Acupressure and Massage

Jo Jung Suk Reveals Preparations For Disguising As A Girl In The Pilot Film

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In addition to losing weight, Jo Jung Suk also underwent facial acupressure and lymphatic drainage massages to enhance his feminine appearance for the role. These treatments helped him achieve a more delicate jawline, further aiding his portrayal of Han Jung Mi. The actor expressed satisfaction with the results, noting, “Acupressure helps me create a feminine jawline. I also often undergo lymphatic drainage massage.”

When asked if he ever felt beautiful while dressed as a woman during filming, Jo Jung Suk humorously admitted, “I’ve thought like that maybe about twice. It’s very interesting when I see myself transforming as Jung Mi, especially when my hair is wet.”

Learning from the Best: Drawing Inspiration from Robin Williams

Jo Jung Suk Reveals Preparations For Disguising As A Girl In The Pilot Film

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Disguising himself as a woman was a challenging task for Jo Jung Suk, and he sought inspiration from the late Robin Williams’ iconic performance in Mrs. Doubtfire. This classic film, directed by Chris Columbus, features Williams as a divorced father who disguises himself as a female housemaid to spend time with his children. Jo Jung Suk shared, “Of course I had a lot of worries about dressing up as a girl. Director Kim Han Gyul’s perspective on comedy seems to suit me. When watching the film, you will feel that it is really a comedy rather than feeling like it is too forced.”

He added, “There were a few things I learned and thought about with the director. I often thought about and took references from Robin Williams’ films, Mrs. Doubtfire.”

On-Set Fun and Improvisation

Jo Jung Suk Reveals Preparations For Disguising Himself As A Woman In Pilot Film

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The filming process of Pilot was filled with laughter, largely thanks to Jo Jung Suk’s improvisation skills. The director, Kim Han Gyul, praised the actor’s ability to bring humor to the set, even stating that his legs went weak from laughing so much. “There’s an interview scene in the movie where I improvised a lot,” Jo Jung Suk shared. “It was really funny. Jo Jung Suk appears in about 90 percent of the movie and gives a lot of good ideas to the other actors,” the director added.

Aiming for Enjoyment, Not Just Numbers

Jo Jung Suk Reveals Preparations For Disguising As A Girl In The Pilot Film

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While the success of his previous film Exit places considerable pressure on Jo Jung Suk, he hopes that Pilot will be a film that audiences genuinely enjoy. “Even though I also want Pilot to be a hit, the goal is not just to reach 10 million viewers,” he explained. “Rather than saying that the film has to exceed that number, we hope that all viewers can enjoy it. This film was made with everyone’s hard work, and we guarantee that it is interesting.”

Jo Jung Suk’s dual role transformation in Pilot promises to be a captivating watch. The film is set to premiere in South Korean cinemas on July 31, 2024, with a subsequent release in Indonesia on August 7.

Pilot showcases not only Jo Jung Suk’s acting prowess but also his commitment and dedication to his craft. His preparations for this role demonstrate the lengths to which actors go to deliver authentic and entertaining performances. Fans eagerly await the film’s release, anticipating both laughter and heartfelt moments in this unique comedy.

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