Jaurim Spill: Team 2521 Wasn’t Permitted to Use the Title of the Song as a Drama

Drama uses Jaurim's song title without permission, leading to unexpected twists.
Jaurim Spill: Team 2521 Wasn’T Permitted To Use The Title Of The Song As A Drama

Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One continues to be a hot topic because of its heart-wrenching love story between Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin. The drama also gained attention for its unexpected connection to the Jaurim band’s song of the same title. However, it was recently disclosed that the production team didn’t ask for Jaurim’s permission to use the song’s title. Let’s dive into the details.

Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One and Jaurim’s Song Connection

Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One (Doc. Tvn/Twenty Five Twenty One) 

The drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One revolves around Na Hee Do’s youthful love story, leaving viewers curious about who she ends up marrying. The mystery around her husband’s identity led to fan theories connecting the drama to Jaurim’s song “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.” This song has a deep meaning for its vocalist, Kim Yuna, who wrote it in memory of her boyfriend who died from work exhaustion when she was 21, and he was 25.

Fans were shocked when tvN used the song in a promotional video, sparking theories that Baek Yi Jin’s character might have a tragic end similar to the song’s story. The intense emotional connection both the drama and the song share added layers to the viewers’ experience.

Jaurim’s Vocalist Kim Yuna’s Reaction

Don'T Forget Your Breakfast 2

Don’T Forget Your Breakfast 2 Program Trailer (Youtube.com/Studio_Suze) 

In a surprising twist, it was revealed on the YouTube program Don’t Forget Your Breakfast 2 that the drama’s production team did not initially ask for permission to use the song’s title. Kim Yuna shared that she only found out about it when she saw the promotional content. Although she would have preferred to be asked first, she received an apology email from the production team explaining their oversight.

Despite the lack of prior communication, Kim Yuna allowed the use of the title because she admired actress Kim Tae Ri, who stars in the drama. This shows a level of professionalism and grace from Kim Yuna, acknowledging the importance of mutual respect in creative collaborations.

Royalties and Resolution

Don'T Forget Your Breakfast 2

Footage Of The Don’T Forget Your Breakfast 2 Program (Youtube.com/Studio_Suze) 

Despite the initial misstep, Kim Yuna was compensated for the use of her song in the drama. She mentioned that the payment she received was more substantial than what she usually gets for such uses. This generous compensation indicates the production team’s acknowledgment of their error and their effort to make amends.

It’s fortunate that this situation was resolved amicably, allowing fans to continue enjoying the drama without any lingering issues. Kim Yuna’s understanding and the production team’s willingness to correct their mistake highlight the importance of proper licensing and respect in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, while the drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One faced some behind-the-scenes hiccups regarding its title, the resolution ensures that both the creators and the fans can appreciate the work without any disputes. This incident serves as a reminder of the significance of communication and permission in creative endeavors.

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