Japanese Netizens Vote for Top 10 Korean Actors They Want to See in Person

Who are the top 10 Korean actors Japanese fans are dying to meet? Find out why stars like Ji Chang Wook, Rowoon, and Kim Soo-hyun have captured their hearts.
Japanese Netizens Vote For Top 10 Korean Actors They Want To See In Person

Recently, a poll conducted among Japanese netizens revealed the top 10 Korean actors they most want to see in person. The list highlights the immense popularity of Korean drama actors in Japan, showcasing fan favorites and their recent works. Let’s dive into the rankings and see who made the cut.

10. Ji Chang Wook: The Charismatic Star

Ji Chang Wook Ji Chang Wook clinched the tenth spot, adored by Japanese fans for his roles in dramas like Healer. Last year, he starred in Welcome Back to Sandali alongside Shin Hye Sun, which became a massive hit in Japan due to its warm and healing storyline. Ji Chang Wook has consistently held fan meetings across various Japanese cities, and fans eagerly await news of his next visit.

9. Rowoon: The Rising Heartthrob

Rowoon Rowoon, a member of the boy band SF9, has been making waves as an actor. Known for his striking 190 cm height and handsome looks, Rowoon has captivated audiences in dramas like A Day Found by Chance and Love. Despite recently concluding an Asian tour without visiting Japan, his popularity continues to soar, leaving Japanese fans longing for an in-person meeting.

8. Kim Soo-hyun: The Underdog?

Kim Soo-Hyun Kim Soo Hyun, who recently gained acclaim for his role in Queen of Tears, ranked eighth on the list. Despite his immense popularity across Asia, it seems Japanese fans are currently more captivated by other stars. Kim Soo-hyun’s upcoming fan meetings in various Asian countries, including Japan, are highly anticipated and might just boost his ranking next time around.

7. Cha Eun-woo: The Face Genius

Cha Eun-Woo Cha Eun Woo, from the boy band ASTRO, is widely known for his stunning visuals. Recently, he starred in the suspenseful drama A Beautiful World and shared his vacation photos from Japan, causing a stir among fans. Japanese netizens are eager to see him in person and experience his captivating presence firsthand.

6. Park Seo-joon: The Reliable Charmer

Park Seo-Joon Park Seo Joon, famous for his roles in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Itaewon Class, remains a favorite among Japanese fans. Despite relationship rumors, his popularity is unaffected, and many eagerly anticipate his return to Japan for a fan meeting, as his last visit was seven years ago.

5. Park Bo-gum: The Unbeatable Charm

Park Bo-Gum Park Bo Gum, known for his versatile acting and charming persona, secured the fifth spot. After his military discharge, Park Bo-gum returned with a mature and manly aura, captivating fans anew. His recent projects, including You’ve Worked Hard with IU and Wonderland with Suzy, have kept him in the limelight and close to fans’ hearts.

4. Seo In Guk: The Talented Performer

Seo In Guk Seo In Guk rose to fame with his role in Reply 1997 and further proved his acting skills in dramas like Master’s Sun and Shopping King Louis. His popularity in Japan soared with Billion Stars Falling from the Sky, making him one of the most sought-after actors Japanese fans wish to see in person.

3. Kim Jae-joong: The Veteran Idol

Kim Jae-Joong Kim Jae Joong, once a member of the iconic boy band TVXQ, has maintained a strong fanbase in Japan even after forming JYJ. He recently held a fan meeting in Japan, sharing behind-the-scenes stories from Triangle and performing the OST, much to the delight of his devoted fans.

2. Lee Junho: The Versatile Artist

Lee Junho Lee Jun Ho of 2PM fame made waves with his performance in Red Sleeves, earning him multiple awards. His transition from a singer to an acclaimed actor has been well-received, and fans eagerly await his upcoming role in Cashero, where he will play a character with superpowers.

1. Park Hyung-sik: The Perfect Male God

Park Hyung-Sik Park Hyung Sik, who transitioned from a boy band member to a renowned actor, secured the top spot. Known for his roles in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and Happiness, Park Hyung-sik has won over many fans with his acting prowess and down-to-earth personality. His affluent background, with his father being the chairman of BMW Korea, adds an intriguing layer to his appeal, making him a true favorite among Japanese fans.

Opinion: The Undeniable Appeal of Korean Actors

The fascination of Japanese fans with Korean actors is a testament to the powerful storytelling and compelling performances in Korean dramas. Actors like Ji Chang Wook and Rowoon have created a deep emotional connection with their audiences, transcending cultural boundaries. Kim Soo-hyun’s lower ranking might be surprising, but it reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving preferences of drama fans. It’s fascinating to see how each actor’s unique charm and talent resonate differently with fans, making this poll a captivating snapshot of current trends.

In conclusion, the popularity of Korean actors in Japan remains robust, driven by their impressive body of work and relatable personas. As fan meetings and new projects continue, it will be interesting to see how these rankings evolve and which actors capture the hearts of fans next.

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