Ironies of the Working World in Miss Night and Day: Fraud is Rampant!

The drama exposes tough job competition, ageism, fraud, and lazy coworkers.
Ironies Of The Working World In Miss Night And Day: Fraud Is Rampant!

The Korean drama Miss Night and Day (2024) reflects many realities of the modern working world. It captures the struggles from job hunting to maintaining a career through the lives of its main characters, Lee Mi Jin and prosecutor Gye Ji Ung. These characters experience various challenges that resonate deeply with many viewers. Let’s delve into the ironies of the working world as portrayed in this drama.

Tough Competition

4 Ironies Of The Working World In Miss Night And Day, Fraud Is Rampant!

Jung Eun Ji In Miss Night And Day ( 

Lee Mi Jin has been unemployed for eight years, persistently trying to secure a job by participating in the ASN (Administrative Staff Network) selection process. Despite her hard work and determination, the competition is fierce. With thousands of applicants vying for a limited number of positions, her journey highlights the intense competition that many job seekers face today. To stand out, Mi Jin must study hard and perform flawlessly in tests and interviews, mirroring the relentless effort required in real life.

Age Discrimination

4 Ironies Of The Working World In Miss Night And Day, Fraud Is Rampant!

Lee Jung Eun In Miss Night And Day ( 

Ageism is another prevalent issue depicted in Miss Night and Day. During her eighth attempt at the ASN selection, 28-year-old Lee Mi Jin finds herself compared unfavorably to a younger candidate with the same name. This bias results in the younger Mi Jin securing the job. Later in life, under the alias Lim Sun, the now-older Mi Jin faces further challenges, as her age is once again a factor in her employment prospects. This storyline underscores the ongoing issue of age discrimination in the workplace, where younger candidates are often favored over older, more experienced ones.

The Proliferation of Job Vacancy Fraud

4 Ironies Of The Working World In Miss Night And Day, Fraud Is Rampant!

Jung Eun Ji In Miss Night And Day ( 

Job seekers like Lee Mi Jin often fall victim to fraudulent schemes promising quick employment. Desperate to find a job, Mi Jin pays for exclusive recruitment information, only to realize it was a scam. Her money disappears, and her hopes are dashed. This scenario is all too common in the real world, where fraudsters prey on vulnerable job seekers. It’s a stark reminder to be cautious and thoroughly vet any job opportunities that require upfront payments.

Incompetent Coworkers

4 Ironies Of The Working World In Miss Night And Day, Fraud Is Rampant!

Choi Jin Hyuk In Miss Night And Day ( 

Working with unqualified or lazy coworkers is another challenge highlighted in the drama. After transferring to the Seohan court, Gye Ji Ung encounters an assistant, Lee Ki Bbeum, who does the bare minimum and constantly complains about her workload. In contrast, Ji Ung is a dedicated and hardworking prosecutor who prefers a team that matches his work ethic. This dynamic illustrates the frustration and inefficiencies that can arise from having coworkers who don’t pull their weight, a common issue in many workplaces.

Miss Night and Day offers a compelling look at the ironies and challenges of the working world. From cutthroat competition and age discrimination to job scams and unmotivated colleagues, the drama resonates with many real-life experiences. By depicting these struggles, the show not only entertains but also sheds light on issues that need addressing in our society.

So, what do you think? How do you cope with these challenges in your own workplace? Share your thoughts and let’s continue the conversation!

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