Hyeri and Seo Ye Ji Reportedly Joining Sublime Entertainment

Hyeri signs with Sublime Entertainment, while Seo Ye Ji's contract talks are still ongoing. Explore their career updates and the agency's latest news.
Hyeri And Seo Ye Ji Reportedly Joining Sublime Entertainment

Sublime Entertainment is a well-known agency in South Korea, housing some of the country’s top actors and actresses. Recently, the agency made headlines with the news that Hyeri and Seo Ye Ji are rumored to be joining its roster.

Hyeri Signs an Exclusive Contract

On May 24, 2024, Sublime Entertainment confirmed that Hyeri has officially signed an exclusive contract with them. This news was shared through Maeil Business Star, where representatives expressed their excitement about supporting Hyeri’s career. Hyeri, known for her roles in popular dramas and her start with the girl group Girl’s Day, had previously been a free agent after leaving Creative Group ING earlier in May 2024. Fans can look forward to her upcoming projects, including her comeback in the film Victory.

Hyeri Portrait of Hyeri (instagram.com/hyeri_0609)

Seo Ye Ji’s Contract Still in Discussion

While Hyeri’s contract is confirmed, Seo Ye Ji’s situation is still uncertain. Reports suggest that Seo Ye Ji is in talks with Sublime Entertainment, but no final decision has been made. Seo Ye Ji faced significant challenges in her career due to controversies in 2021, but she has since made a return to the screen with Eve on tvN in 2022. Her contract with Gold Medalist ended in November 2023, making her a free agent. Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates on her potential new management.

Seo Ye Ji Portrait of Seo Ye Ji (instagram.com/yeyeji_seo)

The potential addition of Hyeri and Seo Ye Ji to Sublime Entertainment’s lineup is exciting. Hyeri’s vibrant career and Seo Ye Ji’s anticipated comeback could bring fresh energy to the agency. This move showcases Sublime’s commitment to nurturing top talent and supporting their artists through various stages of their careers. Let’s keep an eye on these developments and hope for the best for both Hyeri and Seo Ye Ji.

I’m thrilled to see how these talented actresses will flourish under Sublime Entertainment’s guidance. It’s always inspiring to witness artists finding the right platform to showcase their skills and reach new heights. Here’s to new beginnings and continued success for both Hyeri and Seo Ye Ji!

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