Handsome Guys: Lee Sung Min and Lee Kyu Hyung’s Comeback!

Dive into the world of Handsome Guys, a film that blends comedy, thriller, and horror, featuring Lee Sung Min and Lee Kyu Hyung as friends facing unexpected mysteries.
Handsome Guys: Lee Sung Min And Lee Kyu Hyung’S Comeback!

New Film Release: Handsome Guys

Handsome Guys, Next Entertainment World’s new film, is set to hit South Korean cinemas on June 26, 2024. This film blends comedy, thriller, and horror, focusing on two longtime friends and carpenters who buy their dream house in a rural area. However, they soon discover a secret hidden in the basement of their new home.

The main cast features renowned actors Lee Sung Min, Lee Hee Jun, Gong Seung Yeon, Park Ji Hwan, and Lee Kyu Hyung. Here’s a detailed look at their roles in the film:

Meet the Characters

  1. Lee Sung Min as Jae Pil Jae Pil is a tough and handsome carpenter who prides himself on his rugged appearance. Despite his rough exterior, he is actually quite gentle and shy. His duality adds depth to his character, making him both endearing and complex. Jae Pil’s interactions with his friends reveal his softer side, contrasting with his self-proclaimed tough persona.Lee Sung Min In Handsome Guys
  2. Lee Hee Jun as Sang Gu Sang Gu, a close friend of Jae Pil, believes he exudes charm and sexiness. His outwardly rough and tough appearance hides a truly gentle and kind heart. Sang Gu’s character is a blend of humor and warmth, as he often finds himself in comical situations due to the contrast between his looks and his personality. His brotherly bond with Jae Pil forms the emotional core of the film.Lee Hee Jun In Handsome Guys
  3. Gong Seung Yeon as Mi Na Mi Na is a strong-willed student who appears delicate and fragile at first glance. However, her resilience and inner strength become evident as the story progresses. She crosses paths with Jae Pil and Sang Gu when they help her out of a difficult situation. Mi Na’s character brings a touch of vulnerability and determination to the film, highlighting her growth and courage.Gong Seung Yeon In Handsome Guys
  4. Park Ji Hwan as Police Chief Choi Police Chief Choi is a character full of enthusiasm and energy, but his lack of awareness often leads to chaotic and misguided investigations. His overzealous approach to policing provides much of the film’s comic relief. Despite his blunders, Chief Choi’s dedication to his job and his genuine concern for others make him a lovable character.Park Ji Hwan In Handsome Guys
  5. Lee Kyu Hyung as Officer Nam Officer Nam, a junior police officer under Chief Choi, is characterized by his innocence and non-intimidating presence. His naivety often puts him in amusing situations, yet his sincerity and dedication to his duty shine through. Officer Nam’s genuine and straightforward nature contrasts with the more complex personalities of the other characters, adding a refreshing simplicity to the story.Lee Kyu Hyung In Handsome Guys

Handsome Guys seems like a refreshing mix of humor and suspense, promising a delightful experience. The film’s strong cast and intriguing plot could make it a standout in the comedy-thriller genre. I can’t wait to see how the characters’ personalities and the mysterious basement secret come together on the big screen. This movie is definitely one to watch!

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