Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae Founded a New Agency Called Duover

Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae have founded Duover, a new agency, after leaving AOMG. Learn about their fresh start, new projects, and future plans.
Gray, Code Kunst, And Woo Won Jae Founded A New Agency Called Duover

Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae, three renowned names in the Korean hip-hop scene, have launched a new agency called Duover. This exciting development follows their departure from the AOMG label in March-April 2024.

A Fresh Start: The Birth of Duover

Gray, Code Kunst, And Woo Won Jae Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae (Source: duoverofficial on Instagram)

On May 31, 2024, Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae announced on their personal Instagram accounts the founding of Duover. The name Duover is a clever blend of the words “Do” and “Over,” signifying a fresh start and new opportunities. The agency’s official social media account is now live, ready for future promotions.

The trio’s decision to start their own agency is a bold move, demonstrating their ambition and desire for greater creative freedom. By forming Duover, they aim to carve out a new path in the Korean hip-hop industry, one that is entirely their own.

Collaborating with Former AOMG Staff

Aomg Logo AOMG logo (Source: AOMGOFFICIAL on Twitter)

Duover isn’t just a new label; it’s a collaborative effort with familiar faces from AOMG. Hwang A Ram, who previously worked in the planning and production department at AOMG, has joined Duover as its CEO. This experienced leadership promises to bring valuable insights and stability to the fledgling agency.

Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae will serve as co-CEOs, balancing their executive roles with their artistic pursuits. This dual role allows them to maintain control over their creative output while also shaping the direction of the agency.

Exciting Projects on the Horizon

Woo Won Jae, Code Kunst, And Gray Woo Won Jae (Source: munchinthepool on Instagram), Code Kunst (Source: code_kunts on Instagram), Gray (Source: callmegray on Instagram)

The founding of Duover comes at a time when each artist is already engaged in exciting new projects. Woo Won Jae recently released a new song titled 스물아홉 (29) on various streaming platforms. Gray is contributing to the soundtrack for the Netflix drama Ballerinas, showcasing his versatility beyond the hip-hop genre.

Code Kunst is also keeping busy, making regular appearances on variety shows. He is one of the hosts of My Sibling’s Romance, which aired from March to June 2024, and is rumored to be part of the upcoming season of Zombieverse.

The Future of Duover

Duover’s launch marks a significant moment in the Korean hip-hop scene. It provides a new platform for these talented artists to express themselves and potentially mentor and develop new talent. The anticipation surrounding this new venture is palpable, with fans eagerly waiting to see how Duover will shape the future of Korean hip-hop.

In true DramaBeans fashion, the excitement and potential of Duover cannot be overstated. The combination of creative freedom, experienced leadership, and a strong foundation of loyal fans positions Duover to make a significant impact. It will be fascinating to watch how Gray, Code Kunst, and Woo Won Jae utilize this new chapter to further their musical ambitions and influence the industry.

Will Duover become a haven for up-and-coming hip-hop artists in Korea? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: this trio is ready to make waves.

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