Former Manager of Han So Hee Reveals Grueling Schedule: Only 7 Hours of Sleep Per Week

Han So Hee's former manager shares the intense reality of managing the actress, revealing a grueling schedule with only 7 hours of sleep per week. Explore the unseen challenges of the entertainment industry.
Former Manager Of Han So Hee Reveals Grueling Schedule: Only 7 Hours Of Sleep Per Week

Han So Hee, a well-known actress and model, is recognized for her busy schedule and numerous commitments. Recently, a former manager of hers disclosed just how challenging managing her career was, revealing that they could only sleep seven hours a week.

The Struggles of Managing Han So Hee

During a recent episode of 2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show on SBS Power FM, a viewer who claimed to be Han So Hee’s former manager shared their experience. This viewer stated that managing the actress’s schedule was incredibly demanding. “If I sleep 7 hours a week, that means I get a lot of sleep,” the former manager mentioned, emphasizing the extreme nature of the job.

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The ex-manager recounted working with Han So Hee during the production of the drama 100 Days My Prince. The intense schedule left little time for rest, showcasing the often unseen hardships of managing high-profile celebrities.

Why the Former Manager Left

The former manager ultimately decided to leave the position, not because of any issues with Han So Hee, but due to the overwhelming demands of the job. “The job of a manager is not as beautiful as you imagine,” they explained. The ex-manager highlighted that many of their colleagues also felt pressured and overworked, leading them to consider quitting.

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As someone who deeply appreciates Korean culture and follows its entertainment industry, I find this revelation both shocking and saddening. The relentless work ethic seen in Korea’s entertainment sector is well-known, but hearing about such extreme conditions is a stark reminder of the pressures these professionals face. Han So Hee is a brilliant actress, and her success is undoubtedly due in part to the hard work of those behind the scenes. However, this comes at a significant cost to their well-being.

This situation raises important questions about the sustainability of such demanding schedules and the overall health of industry professionals. While we admire the dedication and passion that drive the Korean entertainment industry, it’s crucial to advocate for better working conditions to ensure that everyone, from the stars to their managers, can thrive both professionally and personally.

For more updates on Han So Hee and the latest in the entertainment world, stay tuned!

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