Fact Check: Is It True that ECLIPSE Band from Lovely Runner Will Perform at KCON LA?

Is the fictional band ECLIPSE from Lovely Runner performing at KCON LA? Read on to learn the truth behind the rumors and the official responses.
Fact Check: Is It True That Eclipse Band From Lovely Runner Will Perform At Kcon La?

Since its inception for the drama Lovely Runner, the fictional band ECLIPSE has gathered a substantial fan base. With Byeon Woo Seok as the vocalist, the band has produced several popular soundtrack songs, capturing the hearts of many fans. Recently, rumors have surfaced that ECLIPSE will perform at the upcoming KCON LA event in July. Let’s delve into the details and verify these claims.

ECLIPSE’s Reported Appearance at KCON LA

Eclipse In Lovely Runner ECLIPSE was created specifically for the drama Lovely Runner, featuring Byeon Woo Seok, Lee Seung Hyeop of N.Flying, Moon Xion, and Yang Hyuk of Omega X. Despite being a fictional band, their original soundtracks have achieved remarkable success. Notably, the song “Sudden Shower” outperformed many real idol groups and topped the Melon Top 100 chart.

Given their popularity, Ilgan Sports reported that ECLIPSE is currently in discussions to perform at KCON LA in July 2024. This news excited fans who were eager to see their favorite drama band perform live on such a significant stage.

Official Denials from CJ ENM and tvN

Eclipse In Lovely Runner However, the excitement was short-lived. CJ ENM, the organizer of KCON, firmly denied these rumors. A CJ ENM official told StarNews on June 4, 2024, “There is no schedule for ECLIPSE’s appearance at KCON.”

Eclipse In Lovely Runner Similarly, tvN, the television channel behind Lovely Runner, also denied the claims. tvN told Newsen, “The news that ECLIPSE will appear at KCON is false and incorrect information.”

The denials from both CJ ENM and tvN have disappointed fans who were looking forward to seeing ECLIPSE perform live. While the news may have dampened spirits, it also highlights the impact and popularity that ECLIPSE has achieved, even as a fictional band.

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