Explosive Finale Predictions: Will Sang Rok and Soo Ryeon Face Death or Exile in Missing Crown Prince?

The fate of Sang Rok and Soo Ryeon is on the line in Missing Crown Prince. Will they face execution, exile, or disgrace? Tune in to the finale for all the answers!
Explosive Finale Predictions: Will Sang Rok And Soo Ryeon Face Death Or Exile In Missing Crown Prince?

The much-anticipated finale of Missing Crown Prince (2024) is set to air on Sunday, June 16, 2024. The drama has kept viewers on edge with the intense storyline of Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hun) and Min Soo Ryeon (Myung Se Bin), who have been the primary antagonists driving the conflict. Their illicit affair and conspiracy to overthrow the king have raised questions about their fate. Let’s explore some possible outcomes for Sang Rok and Soo Ryeon in the series finale.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

1. Choi Sang Rok Could Be Labeled a Rebel

Choi Sang Rok Being Arrested By Palace Guards

As of episode 16, King Haejong (Jeon Jin Oh) has emerged from his coma and reclaimed his throne alongside his son, Yi Gun (EXO’s Suho). This unexpected turn of events has thrown Sang Rok and Soo Ryeon’s plans into disarray. In the preview for episode 17, palace guards are seen calling for Sang Rok’s arrest as a rebel. Given the historical context, rebels often face severe punishments, including the death penalty. It seems likely that Sang Rok could meet a grim fate, potentially being executed for his treasonous actions.

In my opinion, labeling Sang Rok as a rebel aligns perfectly with the story’s dramatic arc. It provides a fitting end for a character who has been central to the show’s conflict.

2. Min Soo Ryeon Stepping Down as Queen Mother

Min Soo Ryeon Looking Distressed

Soo Ryeon’s ruthlessness is largely attributed to her relationship with Sang Rok. Her decisions and her rise to the position of queen mother were significantly influenced by him. Without Sang Rok, Soo Ryeon may not have the strength or will to maintain her position. Given her dependency on him, it is plausible that Soo Ryeon might relinquish her title to protect Sang Rok. This self-sacrificial act could be her way of trying to atone for their shared crimes.

This prediction adds a layer of tragic romance to the narrative, showcasing the extent of Soo Ryeon’s devotion and the consequences of their illicit affair.

3. Possible Exile from the Palace

Sang Rok And Soo Ryeon Looking Worried

Soo Ryeon has expressed a desire to live peacefully with Sang Rok, away from the palace’s political machinations. Despite her ambitions, she has shown willingness to abandon her position for a quieter life with her lover. This could be a possible outcome where both characters are exiled, allowing them to live together but stripped of their power and status.

An exile scenario would be an intriguing resolution, providing a balance between punishment and the couple’s longing for peace.

4. Recorded in History for an Affair Scandal

Soo Ryeon Facing The Consequences

Yi Gun has previously threatened to record Soo Ryeon’s name in history as part of a scandal if she continues to resist. This public shaming would be a severe blow to her legacy. If Yi Gun follows through with this threat, it would serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of their actions, forever tarnishing their names.

Recording their affair in history would add a layer of poetic justice, emphasizing the impact of their betrayal on the kingdom.

As Missing Crown Prince draws to a close, the fates of Sang Rok and Soo Ryeon are on everyone’s mind. Will they face execution, exile, or public disgrace? Each of these predictions offers a fitting end to their tumultuous journey. Make sure to tune in for the finale to see how their story concludes.

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