Exploring “The Immortal Ascension”: A Journey into the World of Immortal Heroes

Join Yang Yang and Jin Chen in The Immortal Ascension. This epic tale of immortality, love, and adventure promises stunning visuals and unforgettable moments.
Exploring “The Immortal Ascension”: A Journey Into The World Of Immortal Heroes

The highly anticipated TV series The Immortal Ascension (2024), starring Yang Yang and Jin Chen, is set to make waves. Adapted from a popular novel and anime, this show promises to bring the beloved story to life with stunning visuals and compelling performances. Here are five highlights and character introductions that will give you a glimpse into what makes this series a must-watch.

The Immortal Ascension

Plot Highlights

1. Adapted from a Popular Novel and Anime


The Immortal Ascension is based on Wang Yu’s famous xianxia novel, which has already been adapted into an anime. Fans of the original work are eagerly awaiting the TV series, which has already received praise for staying true to the source material. The adaptation process has been careful to balance the expectations of novel fans with the needs of a television audience.

2. High-Quality Real-Scene Shooting

Real-Scene Shooting

Unlike many fantasy series that rely heavily on green screens, The Immortal Ascension features real-scene shooting in beautiful locations in Guizhou and Xinjiang. This commitment to authentic scenery adds a layer of realism and grandeur to the show, making the world of immortal heroes come alive. The natural landscapes provide a stunning backdrop that enhances the overall viewing experience.

3. Directed by a Renowned Director


Yang Yang, the director, is well-known for her work on Dream of Splendor and Ever Night. Her experience and skill ensure that the series will have high production values and a captivating atmosphere. Fans can trust that the visual storytelling will be top-notch, bringing the mystical world of immortals to vivid life.

4. Yang Yang’s Impressive Transformation

Yang Yang

Yang Yang’s portrayal of Han Li, the protagonist, has been a topic of much discussion. Known for his handsome looks, Yang Yang has been praised for his ethereal appearance in ancient costume, making him seem as if he stepped out of an anime. However, some fans of the novel argue that the character of Han Li is supposed to be more ordinary looking. Regardless, Yang Yang’s performance is expected to be a highlight, capturing the essence of Han Li’s journey from a humble village boy to a powerful immortal.

5. A Cast of Beautiful and Strong Female Characters

Female Characters

The series features a variety of strong and captivating female characters. Jin Chen plays Nangong Wan, an elder of the Yanyue Sect, who becomes Han Li’s partner. Other notable female characters include Chen Qiaoqian, Mo Caihuan, and Dong Xuaner, each bringing their unique charm and strength to the story. These characters are not just eye candy; they play crucial roles in the plot and in Han Li’s development.

Character Introductions

Han Li (played by Yang Yang)

Han Li

Han Li starts as an ordinary boy from a mountain village who enters a small sect. Through hard work and determination, he navigates the treacherous world of immortal cultivators, facing many challenges and growing stronger. Yang Yang’s portrayal of Han Li’s resilience and growth will be central to the series.

Nangong Wan (played by Jin Chen)

Nangong Wan

Nangong Wan is an elder in the Yanyue Sect, known for her outstanding temperament and appearance. Her lively and warm personality makes her a perfect partner for Han Li, and she plays a significant role in his journey towards immortality.

Wang Chan (played by Wang Duo)

Wang Chan

Wang Chan is the villain of the series, a young master of the Ghost Spirit Sect. With dark spiritual roots and a deep-seated hatred for Han Li, Wang Chan is a formidable opponent. His presence adds tension and excitement to the plot.

Chen Qiaoqian (played by Zhao Xiaotang)

Chen Qiaoqian

Chen Qiaoqian is a senior sister in Huangfeng Valley who secretly harbors feelings for Han Li. Despite being rejected, she remains a loyal friend and continues to support him in his quest.

Mo Caihuan (played by Zhao Qing)

Mo Caihuan

Mo Caihuan, the third daughter of Mo Juren, falls for Han Li but faces the reality of her inability to cultivate immortality. Her unrequited love adds a layer of emotional complexity to the story.

The Immortal Ascension promises to be a visually stunning and emotionally engaging series. With its well-loved source material, talented cast, and high production values, it is poised to capture the hearts of both new viewers and fans of the original work. Keep an eye out for its release on Youku and prepare to be transported to a world of fantasy and heroism.

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