Exploring the Differences: Episodes 1-2 of High School Return of a Gangster Versus the Webtoon

Explore how High School Return of a Gangster differs from its webtoon origins in episodes 1-2. Uncover character dynamics, plot alterations, and our take on each version.
Exploring The Differences: Episodes 1-2 Of High School Return Of A Gangster Versus The Webtoon

High School Return of a Gangster has become a hot topic among Indonesian K-drama fans. The show follows the story of gangster Kim Deuk Pal, who wakes up in the body of high school student Song Yi Heon. This drama, adapted from the webtoon I, a Gangster, Became a High School Student, has sparked interest, particularly because of its BL (Boys Love) genre roots. Let’s dive into the key differences between the drama and the webtoon in the first two episodes.

Teacher Differences: Male Versus Female

Differences Between Episodes 1-2 High School Return Of A Gangster From The Webtun

In the drama, Kim Deuk Pal, portrayed by Lee Seo Jin, studies for his CSAT exam with a male teacher. During a study session, he is interrupted by Kim Dong Soo (Won Tae Min), who needs his help. This leads to a fight at the teacher’s house, ending with the teacher fainting and being hospitalized.

In contrast, the webtoon depicts Kim Deuk Pal seeking out a young female teacher after dealing with some gang trouble. This change in the teacher’s gender and the sequence of events adds a different dynamic to the storyline. While the drama focuses on immediate conflict, the webtoon builds suspense with Kim’s blood-stained arrival at the teacher’s house.

The Accident: Different Paths, Same Outcome

Differences Between Episodes 1-2 High School Return Of A Gangster From The Webtun

The accident that leads Kim Deuk Pal into Song Yi Heon’s body is portrayed differently in the drama and the webtoon. In the drama, Kim Deuk Pal is driving alone when he stops to save a student about to jump off a bridge. After saving the student, Kim is hit by a truck, leading to his soul swapping with Song Yi Heon’s.

The webtoon takes a more direct approach. Kim Deuk Pal intentionally crashes his car into a truck to save Song Yi Heon. This more deliberate action highlights Kim’s bravery and willingness to sacrifice himself. Both versions ultimately place Kim in Song Yi Heon’s body, but the paths they take to get there reflect different aspects of his character.

A Tale of Two Mediums

The differences between the drama and the webtoon versions of High School Return of a Gangster highlight how adaptations can shift narratives to fit different formats and audiences. The drama tends to focus more on immediate, dramatic conflicts, perhaps to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The webtoon, on the other hand, builds tension through gradual revelations and character interactions.

Personally, I find the webtoon’s pacing and character development more engaging. It allows for a deeper exploration of Kim Deuk Pal’s personality and his complex relationships. However, the drama’s fast-paced, action-oriented scenes provide an adrenaline rush that is equally compelling. Each version has its unique appeal, making it hard to choose a favorite.

Friendship Versus Romance

Differences Between Episodes 1-2 High School Return Of A Gangster From The Webtun

One of the most intriguing aspects of the webtoon is the BL element, where Song Yi Heon has had a crush on Choi Se Kyung for two years. This romantic tension adds depth to their interactions and adds a layer of emotional complexity to the story.

The drama, however, tones down this aspect, portraying Song Yi Heon as simply wanting to be friends with Choi Se Kyung. This change could be due to different cultural sensibilities and audience expectations. Despite this, the core of their relationship—Song Yi Heon’s threat to reveal Choi Se Kyung’s true nature—remains intact, preserving some of the webtoon’s original tension.

Final Thoughts

High School Return of a Gangster in both its drama and webtoon forms offers a fascinating story of transformation and identity. While the adaptations differ in significant ways, they each bring something unique to the table. Whether you prefer the webtoon’s detailed character development or the drama’s fast-paced action, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this compelling tale. Which version do you prefer?

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