Exploring Sol Kyung Gu’s Political Films and Latest Drama, The Whirlwind

Sol Kyung Gu captivates in political thrillers, culminating in his drama debut, The Whirlwind.
Exploring Sol Kyung Gu’S Political Films And Latest Drama, The Whirlwind

Senior South Korean actor, Sol Kyung Gu, is set to make his drama debut with the Netflix original series The Whirlwind. Since his debut in 1996, Sol Kyung Gu, now 56, has established himself as a powerhouse in the film industry, especially in political thrillers. This article delves into some of his notable political films and his latest venture into the world of drama.

The Intrigue of Idol (2019)

Sol Kyung Gu In The Film Idol

Sol Kyung Gu In The Film Idol (Doc. Cgv Arthouse/Idol)

One of Sol Kyung Gu’s standout political thrillers is the 2019 film Idol. This gripping movie revolves around the complex and dark world of political crime. The story begins with Koo Myung Hui (Han Seok Kyu), a successful politician whose life is turned upside down by a tragic accident involving his son. Myung Hui’s son, Yo Han (Joe Byeong Gyu), accidentally hits someone with his car, leading to the victim’s death. Panicked, Yo Han brings the body home, and this sets off a chain of devastating events.

Enter Yoo Joong Sik (Sol Kyung Gu), the father of the accident victim, who is mentally disabled. Joong Sik’s life is shattered by his child’s death, prompting him to investigate the accident’s suspicious circumstances. His investigation reveals a young woman, Ryun Hwa (Chun Woo Hee), who witnessed the incident but mysteriously vanished.

The film masterfully intertwines the lives of Koo Myung Hui and Yoo Joong Sik as they both seek Ryun Hwa for their reasons. The tension builds as their paths collide in a gripping narrative filled with suspense and emotional depth.

The Political Drama of Kingmaker (2022)

Sol Kyung Gu In The Film Kingmaker

Sol Kyung Gu In The Film Kingmaker (Doc. Megabox Plus M/Kingmaker) 

Next on the list is Kingmaker, a film set against the backdrop of South Korea’s political landscape in the 1960s. Directed by Byun Sung Hyun, the movie explores the ambitions and moral conflicts of Seo Chang Dae (Lee Sun Kyun), a pharmacist with dreams of becoming a political strategist.

Seo Chang Dae’s journey intersects with Kim Woon Beom (Sol Kyung Gu), a candidate for the regent of Mokpo who has faced multiple electoral defeats. Chang Dae’s determination to assist Woon Beom leads to a partnership that changes the political game. Chang Dae’s strategies help Woon Beom become a strong presidential candidate, but their differing political principles eventually lead to intense conflict.

The film captures the turbulent political atmosphere of the era, highlighting the personal and ethical dilemmas faced by those in the political arena. Sol Kyung Gu’s portrayal of Kim Woon Beom adds depth to the character, making Kingmaker a compelling watch for fans of political dramas.

Anticipating The Whirlwind (2024)

Sol Kyung Gu In The Drama The Whirlwind

Sol Kyung Gu In The Drama The Whirlwind (Doc. Netflix/The Whirlwind) 

Sol Kyung Gu’s latest project, The Whirlwind, marks his first foray into television drama. Premiering on June 28, 2024, this political thriller is set to captivate audiences with its intense storyline. Sol Kyung Gu stars as Park Dong Ho, an idealistic Prime Minister determined to eradicate corruption in his country. His radical approach includes forming alliances with conglomerates to overthrow the president and seize power.

Opposing him is Jung Soo Jin (Kim Hee Ae), the ambitious Deputy Prime Minister who sees Park Dong Ho’s chaos as an opportunity to climb the political ladder. The ensuing battle between these two powerful figures promises a thrilling narrative full of strategic moves and high-stakes confrontations.

The Whirlwind stands out not just for its political intrigue but also for the emotional and psychological depth it brings to its characters. Sol Kyung Gu’s portrayal of Park Dong Ho is expected to be a highlight, showcasing his versatility and depth as an actor.


Sol Kyung Gu’s contributions to political films and dramas have left a significant mark on the genre. His roles in Idol and Kingmaker demonstrate his ability to bring complex characters to life, while The Whirlwind promises to be an exciting addition to his illustrious career. Fans of political thrillers can look forward to a captivating performance that blends intrigue, emotion, and high-stakes drama.

Watching Sol Kyung Gu navigate the intricate world of politics on screen is always a treat, as his characters often reflect the multifaceted nature of real-world political figures. Whether in films or his upcoming drama debut, Sol Kyung Gu continues to captivate audiences with his powerful performances.

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