Embrace Independence and Inner Strength: Liu Yifei’s 6 Wise Words from The Tale of Rose

Liu Yifei, star of The Tale of Rose, offers powerful advice on independence, beauty, and self-reliance that resonates deeply in today's world.
Embrace Independence And Inner Strength: Liu Yifei’s 6 Wise Words From The Tale Of Rose

Liu Yifei, the “fairy sister,” has taken the world by storm with her latest drama, The Tale of Rose. At 36, she’s not only capturing hearts with her looks but also with her profound wisdom. Her recent interviews and golden sayings have gone viral, proving that she’s more than just a pretty face. Liu Yifei’s insights are especially relevant in today’s fast-paced world, where finding inner peace and independence is crucial.

Embrace Independence

Liu Yifei’s Golden Sayings. (Picture/Reproduced From Weibo/The Tale Of Rose)

Liu Yifei believes that every girl should be independent and have the courage to step out of their comfort zone.

“When you realize that you can take on responsibility and think about problems independently, it means that you have taken a step forward.”

This resonates deeply, encouraging young women to trust in their abilities and face challenges head-on.

In The Tale of Rose, Yifei’s character exemplifies this independence, navigating life’s hurdles with grace and strength. This theme is not just limited to the screen but extends to real life, reminding us all to pursue self-sufficiency and confidence.

Redefining Beauty

Liu Yifei’s Golden Sayings. (Picture/Reproduced From Weibo/The Tale Of Rose)

Liu Yifei’s perspective on beauty is refreshingly unique.

“Everyone has their own different views on beauty. The only thing is that there should be no baggage. When you feel comfortable, you will naturally exude a more charming state.”

This statement shifts the focus from societal standards to personal comfort and self-acceptance.

Her portrayal in The Tale of Rose breaks traditional beauty norms, showcasing that true beauty lies in being comfortable in one’s own skin. By rejecting conventional labels and embracing individuality, Yifei encourages others to find their own unique charm.

Independence in Love

Yifei emphasizes that true love stems from independence.

“A woman’s love is all love only when she is truly independent. You won’t be angry because you can’t get it, and you won’t care about unfairness.”

This is a powerful reminder that self-reliance can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Her stance on love and independence is a central theme in The Tale of Rose, where her character’s journey to self-discovery and independence mirrors her real-life beliefs. It’s a lesson in valuing oneself first to form stronger, more meaningful connections.

Casual Living and Self-Expression

When it comes to personal style, Liu Yifei prefers a more relaxed approach.

“I basically have no style in dressing up. Sometimes others may say that I am very outdated, but I feel very happy. I don’t want to be covered by any style or concept.”

This mindset is liberating, encouraging individuals to express themselves without conforming to trends.

Her character in The Tale of Rose also embodies this casual, authentic living, inspiring viewers to live freely and genuinely. It’s a celebration of self-expression and the joy that comes from being true to oneself.

The Illusion of Security

Perhaps one of Liu Yifei’s most profound statements is about security:

“A sense of security cannot be attached to any concrete person or thing. When they disappear, the sense of security also disappears, and your whole person will collapse and you will be finished. A sense of security is given to oneself.”

This wisdom underlines the importance of building internal strength and self-reliance.

Liu Yifei’s Golden Sayings. (Picture/Reproduced From Weibo/The Tale Of Rose)

In both her interviews and her role in The Tale of Rose, Yifei illustrates that true security comes from within. This insight is invaluable in helping us navigate a world full of uncertainties.

Dedication to Craft

As an actress, Liu Yifei is dedicated to her craft.

“Acting is the best way to express myself. I can’t do too many things other than acting, which will distract me. Maybe in the future, my mind will change, but for now, my energy must still be used in acting.”

This focus and dedication are key to her success, serving as a reminder to pursue one’s passions with unwavering commitment.

Her journey in The Tale of Rose is a testament to this dedication, showing that hard work and focus can lead to extraordinary achievements.


Liu Yifei’s wisdom extends beyond her roles on screen, offering valuable lessons on independence, beauty, love, and security. Her golden words are a beacon for anyone looking to lead a more fulfilling, self-reliant life. As we enjoy her performances in The Tale of Rose, we can also take her insights to heart, applying them to our own journeys towards personal growth and happiness.

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