Does Zhou Taisheng Like Deng Lijun in Teresa Teng?

Zhou Taisheng's affection for Deng Lijun shines in Teresa Teng, creating a moving and complex narrative that highlights love and family duty.
Does Zhou Taisheng Like Deng Lijun In Teresa Teng?

In the Chinese drama Teresa Teng, the relationship between Zhou Taisheng and Deng Lijun has captivated audiences. The show has created a whirlwind of emotions as it portrays their evolving bond, leaving viewers wondering about the true nature of their feelings for each other.

Zhou Taisheng’s Affection for Deng Lijun

Zhou Taisheng’s affection for Deng Lijun is evident in several heartfelt scenes. For instance, just as everyone was joyfully preparing for a grand birthday banquet, Zhou Min brought unwelcome news—an order from superiors to cancel all luxurious celebrations, threatening severe punishment for non-compliance. This news sent Deng Lijun on an emotional rollercoaster, plunging her into sadness.

However, Zhou Taisheng’s sensitivity shines through as he sings beneath her window, a gesture that lifts her spirits. Despite Deng Shu’s initial resistance, Lijun goes out to chat with Taisheng. His encouragement turns her sorrow into joy, leading her to sing for him a second time. Later, as Taisheng walks her back, he suddenly confesses his feelings, adding another layer of complexity to their relationship.

The Complications of Love and Family

The drama takes another twist as Zhou Taisheng prepares to return to the United States, expressing his hope that Lijun will miss him in his absence. Meanwhile, the character Duan Litian, who had distanced himself from Jin Baozhu, begins to drink heavily in the village. This shift leads others to believe he has had a change of heart.

Lijun’s heartbreak deepens as she tears up her notebook, a poignant moment halted by her third brother. He, deeply moved, shares her pain with their parents and passionately pleads with Deng Shu to let Lijun pursue singing, promising to excel in his studies to honor the family. Deng Shu, swayed by this emotional appeal, begins to pay more attention to his daughter. He even listens to music outside the record store where she works, noticing her admiration for Li Yan’s promotional photo.

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