Does Lee Se Na Revenge Noh Young Won in Bitter Sweet Hell?

Is Lee Se Na out for revenge against Noh Young Won in Bitter Sweet Hell? Dive into the evidence from episodes 5 and 6 that hint at a deeper, darker plot.
Does Lee Se Na Revenge Noh Young Won In Bitter Sweet Hell?

The mystery of Lee Se Na’s (Yeon Woo) identity in the Korean drama Bitter Sweet Hell remains unclear even after the broadcast of the 6th episode. This series has captivated viewers with its intense storyline and complex characters. In this article, we will delve into the evidence presented in episodes 5 and 6 that hint at Lee Se Na’s possible revenge against Noh Young Won (Kim Hee Sun).

Lee Se Na’s Long-Standing Connection with Noh Young Won

Lee Se Na In Bitter Sweet Hell


Lee Se Na’s encounter with Noh Young Won seems to have occurred long before the events of the current storyline. At the end of episode 6, Noh Young Won mentioned this when discussing Lee Se Na with her mother-in-law, Hong Sa Gang (Lee Hye Young). The house Lee Se Na occupies contains several paintings that Noh Young Won recognizes, indicating a deeper connection between them.

Moreover, during episode 6, Lee Se Na was shown watching Noh Young Won’s counseling session on television. In a surreal twist, Lee Se Na imagines herself taking the place of Noh Young Won’s client, suggesting a past interaction. This scene could imply that Lee Se Na either fantasizes about confronting Noh Young Won or that she had indeed sought counseling from her in the past. This complex dynamic adds layers to their relationship, making viewers question the true nature of their history.

The Evidence of Obsession: Photos and Identities

Lee Se Na'S Evidence


In Lee Se Na’s home, she possesses not only a photo of Noh Young Won but also detailed information about her. This includes photos and identities of Noh Young Won’s family, indicating a well-thought-out plan to terrorize them. The presence of these items strongly suggests that Lee Se Na has been meticulously planning her moves, possibly driven by a deep-seated grudge.

Additionally, Lee Se Na is seen painting a fragmented portrait of Noh Young Won. By scattering the pieces throughout her house, she attempts to mask her obsession. However, when viewed as a whole, the image is unmistakable. This artistic endeavor further emphasizes Lee Se Na’s fixation on Noh Young Won and raises questions about the reasons behind her actions.

Cryptic Gifts and Messages

Noh Young Won'S Troubling Gifts


Noh Young Won has been receiving various unsettling items from unknown senders. These include stuffed doves with separated necks, a miniature of her husband Choi Jae Jin’s (Kim Nam Hee) old house, and one of Hong Sa Gang’s novels. Alongside these eerie gifts, Noh Young Won receives messages containing photos of her unfaithful husband, adding to the psychological torment.

In episode 6, Lee Se Na is shown receiving a message about Noh Young Won’s reaction to the miniature house. This indicates that Lee Se Na is closely monitoring Noh Young Won, reinforcing the idea that she harbors a personal vendetta. The fact that Hong Sa Gang questions Lee Se Na’s grudge against Noh Young Won at the episode’s end adds another layer of intrigue.

Conclusion: A Gray Area of Suspense

Despite the mounting evidence, the exact nature of Lee Se Na’s grudge against Noh Young Won remains ambiguous. As Noh Young Won uncovers more secrets about her family, viewers are left in suspense, eagerly anticipating the next episode. Does Lee Se Na indeed seek revenge against Noh Young Won, or is there another motive behind her actions? The unfolding drama keeps us on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting more revelations.

Bitter Sweet Hell continues to enthrall its audience with its intricate plot and unpredictable twists. Stay tuned as we uncover more about Lee Se Na’s true intentions in the upcoming episodes!

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