Discover Soul Mate: Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura in a New BL Drama

Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura star in the touching BL drama Soul Mate on Netflix.
Discover Soul Mate: Taecyeon And Hayato Isomura In A New Bl Drama

Taecyeon, the popular member of 2PM, is set to star in a Japanese drama titled Soul Mate. This exciting new release by Netflix will pair him with Hayato Isomura, well-known for his role in Alice in Borderland. Soul Mate marks a significant departure for Taecyeon as he steps into the Boys Love (BL) genre. Let’s dive into what this drama has in store!

A Journey of Love and Connection

Synopsis Of Soul Mate, Bl Drama Starring Taecyeon-Hayato Isomura

Synopsis Of Soul Mate (Doc. Tvn/Vincenzo)

The storyline of Soul Mate centers around Ryu, played by Hayato Isomura, a Japanese man who encounters Jo Han, a Korean boxer portrayed by Taecyeon. Their meeting happens under unusual circumstances, with Jo Han rescuing Ryu in a mysterious location.

Over the next ten years, Ryu and Jo Han share a deep and heartwarming romance. The drama showcases their love blossoming across beautiful cities like Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, filling the emptiness in their hearts with each other’s presence. The visual journey through these cities adds a scenic backdrop to their touching relationship.

Taecyeon’s Bold New Role

Synopsis Of Soul Mate, Bl Drama Starring Taecyeon-Hayato Isomura

Soul Mate Synopsis (Doc. Netflix/Alice In Borderland) 

Fans have eagerly awaited Taecyeon’s foray into the BL genre, making Soul Mate a highly anticipated drama. This project is not only Taecyeon’s first BL drama but also his first time starring in a Japanese series. He previously appeared in the Japanese film The Grand House of Paris in 2024.

Taecyeon expressed his excitement about taking on the role of Jo Han, drawn to the character’s inner struggles and emotional depth. “Jo Han’s character attracted me, his inner struggle and pain also stuck with me, after I read the script,” shared Taecyeon. This new character offers Taecyeon a chance to explore different facets of his acting abilities.

Behind the Scenes: Getting into Character

Synopsis Of Soul Mate, Bl Drama Starring Taecyeon-Hayato Isomura

Synopsis Of Soul Mate (Doc. Netflix/Soul Mate) 

With the announcement of Soul Mate, Netflix released the first stills from the drama, featuring Taecyeon and Isomura together against a serene, blue sky. These images have further heightened the excitement among fans.

To portray Jo Han convincingly, Taecyeon dedicated himself to rigorous preparation. He underwent significant weight loss and trained in boxing with professionals to bring authenticity to his role as a boxer. “To prepare, I lost weight and did boxing training. I continued to train diligently during the filming process, in order to portray the character of Jo Han as well as possible,” he said.

Soul Mate promises to be a compelling drama filled with emotion and scenic beauty, marking a new milestone in Taecyeon’s acting career. Fans can look forward to a heartfelt story that explores love, struggle, and connection across different cultures and cities.

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