Did Xue Fangfei Successfully Clear Her Father’s Name in The Double?

Xue Fangfei fights corruption to clear her father’s name in The Double. Her brave courtroom battle and the emperor's surprising decision make for a thrilling story.
Did Xue Fangfei Successfully Clear Her Father’s Name In The Double?

In the captivating historical drama The Double, Xue Fangfei has been a character full of determination and wit. In a dramatic turn of events, Xue Fangfei managed to present evidence in court that successfully overturned her father’s wrongful conviction. Her journey to clear her father’s name is a riveting storyline that captures the essence of justice and family loyalty.

The Courtroom Battle

Xue Fangfei’s relentless pursuit of justice for her father, Xue Huaiyuan, led her to challenge the initial verdict in front of the emperor. She argued that the corruption charges against her father, based on a mere 5,000 taels of silver, were filled with inconsistencies. She pointed out that this was a gross understatement and suggested a larger conspiracy was at play.

As the trial unfolded, Xue Fangfei called upon the common people to testify. However, Wei Shilang, a court official, dismissed their testimonies, claiming they were bribed. The discussion took another turn when Li Zhongnan brought up the Qingzhou corruption case, highlighting how corrupt officials often used part of their ill-gotten wealth to buy loyalty and property. Despite this, the investigation into Xue Huaiyuan’s estate only revealed 5,000 taels, while Magistrate Feng had amassed an astounding 2 million taels.

The Emperor’s Decision

The tension in the courtroom was palpable. Xue Huaiyuan’s former subordinates vouched for his innocence, risking their lives. Wei Shilang’s fervent attempts to defend the original verdict started to seem desperate. The emperor, Hong Xiao, was visibly moved by Xue Huaiyuan’s plight. He ordered a re-investigation, acknowledging that an innocent and loyal official might have been wronged, which was a failure on his part.

This moment of empathy from the emperor also highlighted Xue Fangfei’s bravery and intelligence. Despite the risk to her own life, she stood firm in her resolve to clear her father’s name. The emperor appreciated her courage and wisdom, though there were calls to investigate Xue Fangfei herself for other alleged crimes. General Jiang Yunbo’s support for Xue Fangfei, and the agreement from other officials, underscored the broad belief in her integrity.

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