Did Tushan Honghong Lose Her Memory in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yuehong Chapter?

Did Tushan Honghong lose her memory in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yuehong Chapter? Find out how her cold behavior and mysterious actions add depth to this captivating storyline.
Did Tushan Honghong Lose Her Memory In Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yuehong Chapter?

In Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yuehong Chapter, a question that’s been on every fan’s mind is: Did Tushan Honghong lose her memory? The latest episodes offer some compelling clues.

The First Encounter

When Dongfang Yuechu sees Tushan Honghong, his initial reaction is one of sorrow and frustration. He wonders why she can’t spare even a moment to see him. But Tushan Honghong’s response is cold and distant. This stark change in her demeanor confuses Dongfang Yuechu, prompting him to grab her hand in an attempt to clear the air. Yet, she pulls away, remaining indifferent, and leaves, claiming she has other matters to attend to.

Dongfang Yuechu returns to the elders, looking dejected. The elder immediately understands that he faced a setback with Tushan Honghong. Yuechu believes that his absence left Honghong without someone to share her burdens, but the elder disagrees, stating that everyone, including Dongfang Luo, has been busy. Dongfang Luo, in particular, is tirelessly working on an antidote.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact

Signs of Amnesia

Tushan Honghong’s cold behavior suggests she may have lost her memories of Dongfang Yuechu. She finds his actions strange and suspects he has ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Dongfang Luo, who is experimenting with the antidote, is showing signs of physical strain. Recognizing the situation’s gravity, Tushan Honghong decides to send Yan Rushan, who is immune to poisons, to discuss matters with him.

The storyline hints at a deeper mystery behind Tushan Honghong’s amnesia. Her loss of memory adds an intriguing twist to the plot, raising questions about how it will affect her relationship with Dongfang Yuechu and the other characters.


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